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The very last Molly Malone of The Dubliners

Here they are in all their glory, and owing to the unique event, we give you the full names:
Gerry O’Connor, Jim McCann, John Sheahan, Sean Cannon, Patsy Watchorn and Eamonn Campbell, performing the last song ever under the name The Dubliners on 30 December 2012 at Vicar Street in Dublin. Just a few moments after this shot was taken, the trademark The Dubliners retired when they left the stage. We have a very few 2012 reviews about The Dubliners in the pipeline, and following our tradition to report about the lads, we will not keep these reviews from you but deliver them soon. And there’s no need to despair, because CCWO (Cannon-Campbell-Watchorn-O’Connor) will continue to perform and entertain the ever-growing crowds of fans as only they can. We know you were waiting for a press release, but, hey, this is an Irish enterprise and The Real Irish ® (and consequently The Adopted Irish ®) have an laid-back attitude about these things: The show goes on anyway, no need to worry that you would miss your favorite music in 2013 – just watch the list in Patsy Live growing and book your tickets, and Sean, Eamonn, Patsy and Gerry will take care of the craic!
Plus, yes, we too, will continue to report about the ongoing adventures of CCWO!
The three nights of 28 through 30 December 2012 being an important turning point in the life and career of everyone on stage - some closing, some opening a chapter - we had your favorite reporters and photographers on duty, and you can expect one big final Dubliners report in due time.

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