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The last Late Late Show

This, dear folks, is one of our last updates about The Dubliners. Our very own Mandy recalls the last Late Late Show under the trademark 'The Dubliners':

The Dubliners did their last Late Late Show on Friday, 14th December 2012. There were a lot of guests on the show, among them one in particular who is a long-time friend of the Dubliners: Wold famous comedian and actor Billy Connolly. We had a great chat with him before and after the show as Patsy and Billy’s dressing rooms were side by side. This wasn't Patsy’s first time to meet him: Way back in 1996 Patsy sang "The fields of Athenry" and many more songs on the pitch in Celtic Park for the Glasgow Celtic team at the opening of the new stand and Billy cut the ribbon to release the balloons; Billy was allowed in the huddle with the team that day. That Friday last December they reminisced about it, and anyone who enjoys football, and supports Celtic will appreciate what an honour it was for both of them to be there. They talked about songs and Patsy mentioned one he heard Billy perform years ago, "What Glasgow means to Me" but neither of both could remember the lyrics or even if it was available - it would be great to get a copy of it. Billy went away with a copy of Patsy's new album and admitted that Dublin In the Rare Auld Times was one of his favourites - he too plays a damn good 5 string banjo!
He was a lovely man to spend the time to chat as he's extremely busy on a world tour promoting his new movie "Quartet".
Also on the night we met with actor Domhnall Gleeson (son of the brilliant Irish actor Brendan Gleeson). He was a very charming and intelligent young man and he was chatting about the work that him and several other actors and friends and family are doing to raise awareness and donations for the wonderful hospice, St Francis Hospice in Raheny, both his grandparents were cared for there before sadly passing away, RIP. If anyone wishes to donate you can do so on www.sfh.ie

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