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The Booklet

The first part of the booklet contains the text of the press release. Then there are three sections where Patsy remembers details related to the song, Dublin In The Rare Auld Times:

Patsy Talks! Patsy & Pete St. John
"I remember flipping through a huge folder of songs Pete St. John had written; there were loads and loads of song words and a lot of nice stuff. But then I caught the title Dublin In The Rare Auld Times and the lyrics caught me straight away; it was such a beautiful text. I turned around to ask Pete that I really wanted to hear the air to this one. So it started. I began to sing it here and there, at the old Shieling Hotel, at the Embankment, anywhere we were giging back then. It was a classic from the start."

Patsy Talks! Patsy & Luke Kelly
"The moment I realized that I had a big one here was some night when I sang it for Luke Kelly. He was my idol and he said to me: 'Patsy, I'm tellin' you, that's a lovely song, some people are going to record it and if I were you, I'd go into the studios immediately. I don't care where you go, what you do or how you get the money, just record it because a lot of people are looking to record it, I heard it in the grapevine'.I asked him if he wanted to do it but he declined it at that time that he wouldn't do this. Sometime later, when my record was out for quite a while, he eventually did his own version."

Patsy Talks! Patsy & Jack Charlton
"There's so much about this song to be proud of like that it gave me my first gold record. One of the facts I like the most is that it is the favourite song of a of a good friend of mine. He likes to burst into Rare Auld Times and having a good time. Actually, he likes it that much that I had made another gold disc of it and presented it to him. The award is displayed at a place of honour at his house in Newcastle and it reads: From Patsy Watchorn to Jack Charlton!"


Patsy Talks! From The Heart!

So many folks have been helpful over the years and, as they say, you know who you are! But there are still a few very special ones I want to single out and mention here in no particular order, saying Thank You:
To the late great Luke Kelly, for being an inspiration and for being a great friend;
To Des McCormick of Whirlpool Ireland and Frank & Johnny Smyth, for never ceasing to believe in me and not only talking of, but also acting out support;
To two very special people who only recently have become the best friends that Patsy and Mandy could ever hope to have, a constant source of inspiration and it is always a pleasure when they come home, Thank You Peter & Helga;
To my grandchildren Shannon, Sofia & Cian, for making it all worth while;
To Mandy for all her love and commitment and for her support and encouragement when times were difficult: Thanks for seeing it through!
To the lads on stage with me most nights - there have been many but a special thank you to Brian Furrier Furlong (me best mate) breaks my heart but I wouldn't be without him, John (sing any song) Deegan, very obliging man, and not forgetting Martin Cochran, the best keyboard and accordian player he makes my job very easy when he's on stage, three of the nicest guys in the business: Thanks Lads!
To the audiences everywhere, for being as enthusiastic as you are!

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