Patsy Watchorn Band Information

Patsy & his Deering banjo

Patsy Watchorn proudly plays a custom made Deering banjo.

Made by Greg Deering and Deering's most skilled craftsmen, the custom made banjos are a dream-come-true for every banjo player. 

Patsy plays a custom made Black Diamond, the major modification being that Patsy needed an open-back version which is not available "out of the box". 

The Deering website explains about the Black Diamond:
The Black Diamond banjo evolved from requests for a fancier banjo than the Deluxe but with the same sweet tone of a mahogany banjo. The mother-of-pearl diamond shaped inlays are hand-engraved. This kind of detailing requires the skills of a master craftsman and pays off in added beauty. A maple stripe accentuates the black binding around the resonator and the side of the ebony fingerboard. The banjo head is made of black mylar so the color will not scratch off. You get the same three-ply maple rim, virgin bell bronze sand cast tone-ring, zinc flange and nickel plated hardware on the Black Diamond that you get on the most expensive Deering models. 
The sweet sounding Black Diamond has a very refined and showy appearance. The shiny black head and black trim give it a modern and progressive look. It's the only model with the inlays hand engraved giving it a very classy appearance. It's an excellent performing banjo and a hot looking banjo as well.



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