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Patsy & Maureen O'Hara:
The Quiet Man Around Maureen O'Hara
"I first met Maureen O'Hara through a friend in Foynes in County Limerick", recalls Patsy, "They have a museum which honors her late husband  Charles Blair. He wrote history with the first commercial non-stop flight from Ireland to New York and she's here once every year."Maureen O'Hara & Patsy - Copyright 2001 Rare Auld Times Entertainment
Their new website is located at Foynes Flying Boat Museum.

"I met her several times over the years, even in the late 90's. But the event that I treasure most took place in the early 80's."

There was a tribute night for Maureen O'Hara at the La Guardia Airport Hotel. A big orchestra and many movie stars were on hand as Patsy was invited to sing Isle Of Innisfree for her.
"This is Maureen's favourite song as it was the theme music from the movie The Quiet Man which she starred with the late John Wayne; it's my favourite movie, to mention that here. And it was such an honor for me to sing that for her; they flew me in because she liked my version best of the many nice ones out there."
Maureen was well pleased:
"When I had sung the song, she came over and gave me a big hug and a kiss."

They may see each other someday soon again: "You know, she's from Dublin too. But she lives not here; she's got a house in County Cork, in Glengarriff. Every year she hosts the Maureen O'Hara Golf Classis at the Glengarriff Golf Club and every year I get an invitation but couldn't go because of long-term contracts which forced me to do some shows while I could be playing golf", Patsy regrets, but adds: "But the next time, I will be there; I promise!"

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