Gig Review October 5, 2006, Nijmegen, Netherlands

The Dubliners in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) 

5 october 2006 

This time I saw the great Dubliners in ‘De Vereeniging’ in Nijmegen. As always I was thrilled to see them, and of course I wasn’t disappointed. When the big hall was filled with people, (very young, very old, all generations...), the Dubs came on stage, and received a warm applause. Every Dubliner was in great form... Barney – as always – was the hero (and the best tenor banjo player) of the Dubliners. His love song is always the favourite of the audience, and his announcements are very funny. Sometimes he speaks about fishermen in ‘Dublin Dutch’, and John said tired: ‘Can we play now? I’m getting seasick.’ Barney’s solo was longer as usual, and of course very nice. Johns fiddle and whistle playing was very beautiful, a great musician with great compositions. He played the Marino Waltz, and a few more instrumentals. Seans voice is very great, I like him and his voice. Cill Chais and Night Visiting Song are very sensitive, his voice is great for those songs. He has also very dry humour, great! And Patsy, the newest Dub on the block, is a very talented singer. Powerful, warm, enthusiastic with great interacting. He sang a song especially for me, that was a great surprise!! Thank you Patsy! All his songs were great, and his interacting on Finnegan’s Wake and Paddy on the Railway was very enjoyable. And the guitar player: Michael Howard, was also very talented. He was more on the background than Eamonn, a totally different style, but I loved it very much. He played also a few solo’s, for example Planxty Irwin. Very great! These guys played almost three hours, and the great Molly Malone was the last one. After the concert, I spoke with Brian, the very kind cd seller, and he took me to the Dubliners. Of course this was very special. I talked with everyone, and for the Dubs I played a few tunes on my whistle. John was very enthusiastic, and said: ‘Luke, you have feeling for it. Keep whistling!’. Great to hear that from him! Patsy was enthusiastic to see me, and we talked and laughed and take pictures... It was very great, and I hope they will play a very long time, they are still very good, and I can’t miss them! Thanks to the Dubliners (and Peter for the sms to Patsy!!) 

Setlist 5 october 2006

Part One
1. Fermoy Lassies / Sporting Paddy
2. Banks of the Roses
3. Black Velvet Band
4. The Ferryman
5. Rare Ould Times
6. Belfast Hornpipe / Swallows Tail
7. Cill Chais
8. Spanish Lady
9. Dublin Minstrel
10. Paddy On The Railway
11. I Wish I had Someone To Love Me
12. Planxty Irwin
13. City Of Savanah/Cork Hornpipe/Maids Behind the Bar/Boyne Hunt/Shaskeen Reel/High Reel
14. I’ll Tell Me Ma

Part Two
15. When The Boys Come Rolling Home
16. South Australia
17. All for me grog
18. Three sea captains / Mullingar Races
19. Night Visiting Song
20. Rocky road to Dublin
21. Finnegans Wake
22. Leaving of liverpool
23. Marino Waltz
24. Classical Duet John and Michael
25. Irish Washerwoman
26. Dirty Old Town
27. Whiskey in the jar
28. The Wild Rover
29. Molly Malone

Review by Luuk Lenders

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