Gig Review November 25, 2006, Bielefeld, Germany

The Dubliners: 
Bielefeld, Germany - 25 November 2006 

Another amazing night with the Dubliners. This time at the Ringlokschuppen in Bielefeld. A place so different to the halls with seats: a former steam engine depot with an atmosphere like a large pub. The audience standing and in full swing, drinking beer and – unlike in Ireland – smoking.

The Dubliners again catching the crowd from the first tone on. All five in tremendous shape, amazing after a long year on the road!

Especially Barney was in a brilliant condition in playing, singing and announcing his songs and instrumentals so nicely. He gave a wonderful intro to his over  100-years-old German Hohner accordion and to the joy of the audience played a piece from Bavaria. Only natural he got standing ovations again! 

Seán amused with his announcement of the „Night Visiting Song“ in German, humourously referring to the song telling what ist happening between the lovers arrival by night and leaving the other morning. 

Patsy and Eamonn are improving from gig to gig in „rocking Germany“. 
Fascinating the way Eamonn is giving „rocking comments“ on his guitar to what is happening in the show!
Patsy, as always in close communication to the audience, but taking good care of varying the tempo. Unparalleled his interpretation of the „Dublin Minstrel“, a warm and very touching tribute to the late Luke Kelly.

And John convinced once again as the unique instrumental genius „Johann Sebastian Sheahan“ (quote: Eamonn Campbell).

In all there were some variations in the pro- gramme. John and Eamonn played two pieces they don’t offer to their audience very often. One of them was „The Hens March to the Midden“ (In German: „ Der Marsch der Hennen zum Misthaufen“). One more good opportunity for Eammonn to show his brilliant pantomine abilities... 

Again, Dubliners, thank you so much for all the joy you gave us on your tour(s) in 2006! 

Written by Barbara & Peter 

Photographs by Barbara & Peter

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