Gig Review 15 September 2007, Vienna, Austria

The Dubliners in Vienna (Austria) 

15 September 2007 

The Dubliners at the Metropol Theater
A Vienna experience

The Metropol Theater in Vienna is a nice contrast to the big halls in which many of us visit The Dubliners concerts. Originally a stable belonging to a bakery (, it was converted into a leisure venue around 1860 and expanded and modernised in later years. After the latest reconstruction and renovation this beautiful place with the atmosphere of a large cosy pub makes a perfect site for a Dubliners gig. The main room offers space for some 400 people to sit around the center stage in close contact with the band, and benefit from the large bar in the back to which the many beer glasses on the edge of the stage pay extensive tribute.

All in a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere Ė just as relaxed as The Dubliners were during the second of an amazing six (!) Vienna concerts during the 2007 Austrian tour (Sat, 15 September). 

One could just sum up the impressions of the evening to: brilliant, wonderful, excellent, a great mood, an audience completely taken - and you all know itís The Dubliners!

lly, as a special treat, we add a photo of our webmaster Peter at work, who did a wonderful job filming and photographing. 
We are enjoying the reports of this yearís Vienna gig session. 
Thanks a million, Peter!




This fun shot requires a footnote: It was taken 15th September, when the Hank Williams Tribute Band visited the Dubs after their gigs and they had a mighty jam backstage - me was trying to get those pictures you can see in our 23 September 2007 news!

Review and photographs by Barbara & Peter, Euskirchen, Germany
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