Gig Review 15 September 2007, Vienna, Austria

The Dubliners in Duisburg (Germany) 

3 November 2007 

Saturday 3 November and The Dubliners are playing at the Mercatorhalle in Duisburg. This is a newly refurbished building that takes a bit of getting used to with its rather bright lighting and reverberating acoustics. Nevertheless, no problem for the lads to get across that magic feeling, the audience happily clapping along and chorusing after the first few songs.

Closing in for ‘tea and biscuits’ the audience is treated to a wholly new experience: instead of “The Old House” a fire alarm is on the programme, and the whole building being evacuated. When the audience is allowed to return to their seat some 15 minutes later, guess what happens ? Exactly: some poor guy is sent out onto the stage to inform the people they could go out again for the break … 

Well, the audience took it with a light mood and was well rewarded in the second half, when the Dubs resumed with the previously interrupted reels and jigs and then went on with some special deliverances such as “South Australia” and “Auld Triangle”. The Duisburg audience also successfully mastered the clapping rhythm to “Finnegan’s Wake”, one that earned instant praise from Patsy. After that, the place was well and duly cooking, all troubles forgotten and ready to secure the traditional trio of goodbye songs from the band: “Whiskey in the Jar”, “The Wild Rover”, and of course the very final encore “Molly Malone” !

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Review and photographs by Barbara & Peter, Euskirchen, Germany

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