Gig Review 10 November 2007, Duesseldorf, Germany

The Dubliners in Duesseldorf (Germany) 

10 November 2007 

The Dubliners are back to the completely refurbished Tonhalle in Düsseldorf! All in a good mood despite 10 busy days on German roads and stages, they showed up last Saturday night again easy going and completely relaxed. A perfect blend of wonderful music, great stage action and excellent acoustics and lighting held the audience in thrall from the first to the very last note. This was a grand night indeed, where we saw a fine team performance but of course each of the boys having his “special” moments (biased selection of the authors follows):

· „Speedy“ Barney and Eamonn racing their instruments and each other till the strings were literally glowing;
· John and Eamonn convincing as musical mime artists in „Der Hühnermarsch zum Misthaufen“ (The hens’ march to the midden)
· John paying touching tribute to an old friend who passed away recently, dedicating this evening’s performance of “St Patrick’s Cathedral” to him;

· Séan stunning the audience with a multilingual display of Irish (Gaelic) ballads, Scottish (!) airs and narratives in German (!!);
· Patsy making everyone in the audience believe it was him who “worked on the Railway”, and again giving an impressing interpretation of “The Auld Triangle”.

Thanks for another magic night, lads! Good luck for the second half of your German tour, we’re looking forward to seeing you again!
Barbara & Peter

Review by Barbara & Peter, Euskirchen, Germany
Photographs by Heike Becker, Germany (top photo) and Barbara & Peter, Euskirchen, Germany (all others)

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