22 November 2007, Hamburg, Germany

Karsten Jahnke Gala Hamburg (Germany) 

22 November 2007 

A brilliant birthday party took place in Hamburg’s finest and most noble theatre „Deutsches Schauspielhaus“ (http://www.schauspielhaus.de/). Karsten Jahnke - German tour manager of The Dubliners from their very first tour 1972 exactly 35 years ago and a great fan of the group - celebrated his 70th birthday with friends, guests and a huge number of well known musicians. A luxurious gala concert was organized by his employees and his two sons as a surprise show so that the “birthday boy” has no clue what would happen. The nearly 4 hours lasting performance was named “Keep Swinging” which is the longtime motto of the Jahnke-agency. Among many jazz musicians and international renowned singers as Paul Weller, Nils Landgren and Hermann van Veen the Irish music was represented by Luka Bloom (who sang unaccompanied “The Golden Land”) and by The Dubliners as one of the gala’s highlights of course.

John honoured his long time German friend with a very personal birthday laudation: “It is a great privilege and a great pleasure to be here for Karsten’s 70th birthday. Karsten we know you for half of your lifetime. We look forward to many more years to go on. Karsten is a wonderful man. Not just a promoter but a great friend over the years. Thank you Karsten.”

Well done John.

Then it was Patsy who sang “Happy Birthday” with the lads and the audience to Karsten Jahnke. Due to the very strict procedure there was only time for one song so the Dubliners played “Wild Rover” with the singing and clapping of the skilled Hamburg audience. 

The local Hamburg street press displayed an amusing lack of knowledge next day reporting that the Dubliners performed in Irish “An der Nordseeküste” (At the North Sea coast) which is a German carnival reproduction of the famous Irish mega hit.

So it was a fine and honourable start for the Dubliners’ second leg of the annual German tour and we say as well "Karsten Jahnke, Happy Birthday" and "Keep Swinging"!

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© 2007 Gerhard Braas, Hamburg, Germany
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© Gerhard Braas, Hamburg, Germany

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