Gig Review 10 November 2007, Duesseldorf, Germany

The Dubliners in Hamburg (Germany) 

01 December 2007 

The Dubliners have been on tour in Germany since 35 years now and as always from the beginning the final gig took place in Hamburg. 

The concert in the Congress Centre was sold out for a long time of course and nearly 3000 people in the audience could enjoy a special treat with a surprising concert. 

The Dubliners were introduced by John-Joe who is Barney’s close friend and his permanent companion during the tour. Patsy dedicated the “Dublin Minstrel” to Bessie, Jimmy and John Kelly. These siblings of Luke were in the audience and it was their first time ever in Germany. Again it was quite an international atmosphere – people came over from Norway, England and especially from Ireland so that Barney spoke a Hamburg salutation in the Gaelic language. 

As the highlight for all local fans Séan sang “Liverpool Lou” - the German version “Hamburger Deern” (girl) was a mega hit in Germany in the mid 1970s. “Whiskey in the Jar” gave the signal for hundreds of people to move to the stage for cheering and dancing. So Patsy sang “A nation once again” with a loud public support before all ended up with “Molly Malone” accompanied by the audience with skilled singing. 

The Dubliners promised to come again next year “if we are invited” – there will be no doubt that German tour manager Karsten Jahnke will arrange that.

To conclude the surprises hundreds of postcards to remember this fabulous event were distributed among the audience: “”Thank you Hamburg!”

Later the evening the after-show-party took place in the catacombs of the Congress Centre. And this moved to a real family party with many friends and numerous members of the Dubliners’ families. Meeting again among friends, memories, stories from the past and present, drinks and songs – what a craic to finish a successful German tour. 

Review by Dr. Gerhard Braas, Germany
Photographs by Harriet of The Dubliners management, Ireland (#1, 3); Lars Steenbuck, Germany (#2); Dr. Gerhard Braas, Germany (#4,5)

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