Bielefeld. Germany 2008

Triple German Report 
Göttingen - 8 November 2008
Bielefeld - 29 November 2008
Osnabrück - 1 December 2008

“The same procedure as last year …

… except his name is Eamonn and not James”, Barney introduced the “Irish solo” at the Göttingen gig on Nov.8th.

Webmaster Peter and Ria have not promised too much in their reports about the Vienna gig(s) and it’s amazing to see (and hear) how The Dubliners stayed in this mood throughout their tours during fall 2008:
Despite of the fact that in Dubliners’ Concerts “Irish solos” are always performed by two musicians there was not much of “the same procedure…”

Now, this report is on 3 Dubliners’ concerts almost in a row: Göttingen (Nov, 8th), Bielefeld (Nov, 29th) and Osnabrück (Dec,1st).

First of all there’s a new announcer: John Joe is presenting the band with all what Irish charm is about: fun, good fine humour and this heart-warming mixture of English and German language we like of (all of) them.

Another “first” was an engagement live at the Bielefeld gig: A young man asked the band to allow him to propose to his girl friend and devote to her Barney’s “ I wish I had someone to love me”. Probably all of us have seen scenes like this on TV, but as John said: “I think this was the first time during all the years we had a proposal live on stage in our show!”
Not to forget, too: It was Sean’s and Eamonns birthdays in Bielefeld: The crowd happily cheered them with a “Happy Birthday” chorus !

At least as impressive as the songs were the instrumental tunes. The mandolin duet (played to tradition as a trio with the brilliant support of Eamonn on the guitar) was introduced by Barney: “Mandolins are the Italian national instruments and guitars are the Spanish national instruments”, he told us and started this tune set with the romantic Italian piece ”Sorrento”. It was not always clear if they all agreed on that or not, but they immediately joined in…

John and Eamonn gave a fine proof of their genius on fiddle and guitar: The brilliant, always heart-touching “St. Patrick’s Cathedral”, followed by a set of three tunes: “The Hen’s March to the Midden”, “The four postered bed” and last but not least “The Irish Washerwoman” – the tune picked up by André Rieu from John a couple of years back.

The audiences were as different as could be: Rather quiet and attentive in Göttingen and Osnabrück, and a huge crowd of people having a good time and a lot of fun singing along with the band in Bielefeld.

Article & photographs by Barbara & Peter from Germany

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