Lier. Belgium, October 2013

The Dublin Legends

Telegram from Belgium

Lier, Belgium, October 10, 2013

Telegram for you!

All members of The Dublin Legends were very relaxed on stage, they took time to play a long, great gig, to spoil the audience and to enjoy themselves!

There was no hurry, which is a big contrast to the stressed society we are living in nowadays. Patsy and Sean sang somewhat more slowly, which I think is great, as it makes the lyrics come out better for a non-native English speaking fan and makes the singing more intimate. Once more I was moved by the rich contents of my beloved Irish songs. 
I was deeply touched by the way Patsy sang "The town I loved so well". It was the most beautiful and powerful rendition of this song that I've heard live.

Gerry's violin was as sensitive as Patsy's voice and I heard new variations in Sean's guitar accompaniment. Year after year their creativity is a delight to me. The applause was overwhelming. But we can't stay sentimental too long at an Irish gig and so the very long applause was finally stopped by the cheerfulness of "All for me Grog".

Eamonn and Gerry playing their tribute to Barney: two virtuosos! It made me feel good to see how the notes they played were in harmony with the way they smiled at one another. While they were speeding up the tempo, Eamonn looked stronger and stronger. 

A funny note that struck me when the interval was announced: there seems to be no one anymore to cook water for the tea during the "pause" in Belgium. From now four glasses of milk are waiting for The Dublin Legends in their dressing room - too bad.

"Song for PJ" As a true Irish artist, Gerry also is a good storyteller. You could have heard a pin drop, while he was telling us the moving life story of his father-in-law, Patrick-Joseph. As he loved blue grass, as well as Irish traditional music, the tune Gerry composed for him is a mixture of both styles. The applause following the tune was another particularly long one. 

We were all deeply moved and once again it took a great actor like Patsy to introduce cheerfulnes again and Sean singing the rousing "Rocky Road to Dublin", to stop us from lingering in melancholy.

During the interval and after the gig I talked to several true fans and we shared our great appreciation for the new programme and the new accompaniments in most of the songs. 

We had been treated to a great cocktail of Irish traditional music, with a sauce of blue grass, jazz and rock and roll. We all had our eyes open wide with delight!

Review & pictures by Ria, Belgium



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