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The Very Best Of Patsy Watchorn
The Craic Was Ninety... May 2002 Re-release of 
The Craic And Porter Too

Dolphin Records DOCDK 113
The Craic Was Ninety...
(Released May 2003)

docdk113 front cover

Dolphin Records DOCDK 113
The Craic And Porter Too
(Released October 13, 1998)

Rare Ould Mountain Dew
Hills Of Connemara (mp3-full track 681KB)
The Leaving Of Liverpool
Come To The Bower
McAlpine's Fusiliers
Home Boys Home
Wild Colonial Boy
Seven Drunken Nights
My Irish Molly
The Banks Of Ohio
The Crack Was 90 In The Isle Of Man
The Life Of A Rover
Banks Of The Roses (mp3-sample 182 KB)
The Big Strong Man
Black Velvet Band
Fiddlers's Green
Three Lovely Lassies From Kimmage
Rare Auld Times (mp3-sample 144KB)
The Nightingale
The Travelling People

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Irish Records Int'l, USA

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Album liner notes  
It's well into the small hours and the band is only warming up! With style, panache and buckets of good oul' Irish 'craic', Patsy Watchorn lets fly with a sparkling selection of your favourite pub songs and ballads. Ably assisted by some of Ireland's finest musicians including Eamonn Campbell and John Sheahan of the Dubliners, it adds up to the mother of all sessions. The 'craic' continues and no one is going home. Keep her goin' Patsy...   
Press Release  
Patsy Watchorn is a real Dubliner in every sense of the word and a legend in folk music whose voice is instantly recognisable. Though mellowed through the years, it still retains its characteristic Liffeyside bogue and remains one of his most enduring traits.

Patsy has a string of hits such as The Rare Auld Times, Punch and Judy Man, Flight Of Earls and The Ferryman. Over the last 30 years, he has been associated with only the best, which is why Patsy is the King of the Balladeers. The songs on this album represent all the best things in ballad and folk music, great storytelling that express the hopes and dreams of all of us. They also reflect Patsy's comittment and passion to his music, a passion that drives him onto great solo performances on The Craic And Porter Too.

The Craic And Porter Too, 20 Collected Irish Pub Songs, takes a liberal leaf through the back pages of the ballad boom repertoire. It includes timeless classics like McAlpine's Fusiliers and Black Velvet Band while his handling of The Travelling People and Come To The Bower are like flashes of a time gone by when O'Donoghue's was packed to the rafters and Saturday night in the Embankment in Talleght was the high point of the entertainment calendar.

Patsy's solid and robust performance on this new album shows a ballad singer comfortably assured of his art.

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