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Happy New 2010!

Still going strong, the lads enter another decade! And there's nothing better to prove that than a great current live shot, still hot and greasy coming from the digicams' compact flash card, from the triple-gig appearance the band played at Vicar Street 27 through 30 December 2009! This, of course, is also a teaser for more to come! We will be back with you after a few days break, so Happy New Year to everyone in the meanwhile!

Antwerp, Belgium 2009

The huge world of folk music turns out to be very small sometimes when you find out about who worked with whom and who became friends to whom. Today we look back at such an chapter as Ria gives not only her note and pictures of the 2 October 2009 gig at Antwerp, but also delivers background and insights on Barney's friendship to Belgian folk legend Wannes Van De Velde. A very interesting read for everyone and kind of a late Christmas gift for all the fans from Belgium! And here's the link!

Kiel, Germany 2009

The Dubliners live in Kiel 20091201 © SchallerThe Kieler Nachrichten (and most other papers in the Schleswig-Holstein region, makes you kinda think) featured a wonderful, sentimental article by Carsten Purfürst about the 1 December 2009 gig in Kiel. It was published both online and in the print version. The piece is in German, but here's a quote:

The show that lasts a good two and a half hours is off with an almost unspectacular start and spiced with photo and video displays commemorating the late fellows Ronnie Drew, Ciaran Bourke and – foremost of all – Luke Kelly. When Luke Kelly’s voice in dimmed light recites his poem For what died the sons of Roísín the audience hold their breath like 30 years ago when the tape was recorded. Another great moment sees the “real” band playing synchronous to the video of Maid When You’re Young Never Wed An Old Man from a concert in the 70ies. John Sheahan’s virtuousity on flute and fiddle is undaunted, Sean Cannon like a young god sings old hits like Black Velvet Band and The Wild Rover, Patsy Watchorn’s voice is brilliant in The Town I Loved So Well and Eamon Campbell keeps it up all the way on the solo guitar.

If you can read German, the full report can be found here!
We thank Gerhard Braas the link and reprint, and Barbara & Peter for the translation.

Independent.ie: Tales of a golden age

Independent.ie logoBarry Egan of the Independent followed the band shortly during the German tour this year:

Dubliners:Tales of a golden age
Fond memories of Luke Kelly, Ciaran Bourke and Ronnie Drew accompany The Dubliners as they prepare to perform A Time To Remember in Dublin this Christmas. On tour in Germany, Barney McKenna and John Sheahan treat Barry Egan to a glimpse of the rare oul' times

That's how he opens his article, dated Sunday December 13, in the Independent. The story is full of fond memories of Luke, Ciaran and Ronnie. This time it's completely in English so please follow the link below.
Thanks to all those sending the link - you know who you are!
Independent.ie: Tales of a golden age

Merry Christmas from the Dubliners

Taunusstein, Germany 2009

The Dubliners live in Taunusstein, © RMB/Wolfgang KühnerOn 30 October 2009 the lads played at the Folk Club in Taunusstein. This is, note that, not your usual venue, but run with much love and enthusiasm by the folk club. There are two almost identical articles online by Hendrik Jung which are a refreshing change from the usual concert reviews: There are quite a few nice details about the work required to keep such an evening running and they seem do it well as the boys returned for the 5th time already! The report tells about taking care of the lads backstage, about keeping the Guinness flowing, about selling tickets and more, all with volunteers; and, of course, about the gig. If you can read German, then you're in for a nice few minutes. Follow the links below:
Wiesbadener Kurier
Wiesbadener Tagblatt
We'd like to thank Carsten Raabe & Gerhard Braas for the links!

Munich, Germany 2009

There can't be enough A Time To Remember pictures, right? We are also aware that we are publishing images of a wide range of quality, but we think that each photographer supplying us has a very special point of view and therefore adds an unique perspective - her/his own, for us to explore. That said, today we thank Sabine from Germany for the nice set of shots she sent in! Please follow this link to the gallery.

Liam Clancy 1935-2009

Liam passed away at 12 noon on 4 December 2009 in Bon Secours Hospital, Cork. The last surviving member of the Clancy Brothers, is survived by his wife Kim and their four children, Eben, Siobhan, Donal and Fiona, his 8 grandchildren and his sisters Joan and Peg. He will be sadly missed by family, friends and his many fans throughout the world. We asked Patsy for a few very personal words as we don't want to put online a simple obituary, and this is what he told us:

It was Luke who became my hero, but it was Liam who put me into ballads first. It must have been in the very early 1960's when I heard him first and went out and bought an LP, featuring "Holy Ground" and similar ballads. It was his voice that instigated me into singing. Then the Dubliners and that Luke guy with his banjo came along and he became my hero, but Liam will always remain as my initial inspiration. Years later, when I was touring the USA, me and my band went to the John Barleycorn pub in Manhattan to see Jessie Owens perform. He was a New York fireman but he was a singer as well and I remember later he quite often visited me when I performed at the Lower Deck in Dublin. Anyway, I went there and who was sitting in a corner as well, yes, it was Liam Clancy. He came over and we became friends - typical musicians becoming friends, meeting once in a while at US festivals we both played here or there, or in a hotel lobby when we played the same city, meeting for a few pints, as it is with touring people. Our paths crossed several more times when I went solo. I called his wife to express my sympathy for their loss when I heard the news, and I am sad that he's gone - he was a great man.

Our picture has Liam and Patsy at the GPO in Dublin.

Way too late to stop now

Karsten Jahnke logoThat is the answer to all the rumours flying around:

The core part of the German tour 2010 is already online: Karsten Jahnke has announced the Hamburg gig on 4 December 2010. So prepare for another thrilling, breathtaking year!

Here's the link to the concert announcement!

Würzburg 2009

Mainpost logo"Irish Coffee without coffee" is the title of the report by J. Grellmann, written für the Mainpost. It's on the nostalgic side, picking up the rich mixture of feelings the "A time to remember" nights offer:

The loving, often subtle announcement of early pieces, from a time when the video wasn't more important than the song, moves the audience.

The full article (in German) about the 2 November 2009 gig in Würzburg can be found here.

ViennaReview September 2009

ViennaReview has a very long report about the A Time To Remember show - it's so long we don't even quote it! Christoper Anderson was a very nice guest and he wrote a great review. Unfortunately, unlike the print version of the review, there was some kind of color shift in their online issue - just compare our original shot below with the one in the link. But don't let that stop you from reading it all! Please follow this link!
Thanks to Carsten and Gerhard for sending us this link!

Playing for the Lord Mayor of Dublin

The Mansion House, DublinThe Dubliners played for the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr Emer Costello, to 'celebrated the capital’s iconic balladeers'.
The Irish Times was there at the Mansion House. Speaking of honors (to be) bestowed, Kathy Sheridan from the Times notes that "Vienna long ago gave them the freedom of the city, but no such honour has been forthcoming from their own. “Maybe it’s just an oversight,” said Sheahan wryly."

The full detailed article can be found right here!

Brand new 2-CD: A Time To Remember

Quick update! The brand new album, featuring the current show honoring those members not with us anymore, is now available as a double-CD-album. You can get it from wwww.dubliners.at!

Fermoy Lassies - Sporting Paddy - The Banks Of The Roses - The Ferryman - Three Score And Ten - The Belfast Hornpipe - The Swallow’s Tail - For What Died The Sons Of Róisín - Maids When You’re Young - The Nightingale - Luke’s Gravestone - Kelly The Boy From Killane - The Black Velvet Band - The Town I Loved So Well - Cooley’s Reel - The Dawn - The Mullingar Races - The Auld Triangle - All For Me Grog - Remembering Ciarán - Preab San Ól - Peggy Lettermore - St. Patrick’s Cathedral - I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me - Ronnie’s Heaven - McAlpine’s Fusiliers - Fáinne Geal An Lae - Finnegan’s Wake - The Marino Waltz - Dirty Old Town - Whiskey In The Jar - The Wild Rover - Molly Malone

Salzburg 2009

The online Dorfzeitung features a very short article (in German) about the 13 September 2009 gig, including a few photographs. Follow this link!

Graz 2009 - Fan Photographs

Renata from Italy sent us a series pf pictures from the 12 Sept 2009 gig in Graz, Austria - thank you very much! As everyone who has seen the show admits, the Luke Kelly photograph which is part of the slide show of the gig is quite impressive a magical shot of a magical performer - so we decided to use it for these frontpage news. There's more in our 2009 gallery!

Vienna 2009 - Fan Photographs

Let's conclude our Vienna 2009 'series' with a handful of pictures by Ruzica from Croatia, who attended her first Dubliners gig in September - may many more follow! Just follow the link to the 2009 gallery.

Vienna 2009 Revisited

So the huge question everyone asking is: After the triumph of the Vicar Street gigs, can the lads take the A Time To Remember tour on the road with equal success? Our picture today hints at the answer: The perfect marriage between the thrills of a high-energetic live show and a sometimes emotional look back. If you care to read all about it and what the rest of Europe has to expect, please follow this link including tons of exciting new photographs!

Vienna 2009 - Soundcheck

You think it is all glitter, glamour and showgirls in the music biz? No way, think twice! Instead of the glitter, there is a solitary light bulb, instead of the glamour there is a narrow passageway and instead of the showgirls is a webmaster and his camera. See the picture below as evidence.
Like last year, we opened the Vienna picture gallery with a bunch of very interesting photographs from the main soundcheck on 4 September 2009 - your opportunity to take a look behind the curtain.

Colm from Ireland: Frequent flyer to Vienna

I know you are dying to see the new shots from Vienna (come back tomorrow), but let's open the festival of Austrian pictures with a special request: This request was made, as you can guess, by the band, who wants to have the spotlight on Colm for a moment to say that year after year, Colm is flying in loyally to Vienna, never missing a single gig or even a minute of it. There are countless of fans out there and the lads are overwhelmed by the ever-lasting loyalty they experience. Since it is absolutely impossible to present all of you in this place, now and then one fan is selected substitutionally, you might say, to emphasize how much the Dubliners appreciate the continued support of each and everyone of you! That said, here's Colm!

Walk of Stars Vienna

Upon their arrival in Vienna, the Dubliners were invited to the Paulusstube, where they were inducted into the prestigious Walk of Stars membership of Vienna - that means they had to put down their handprints in clay for posterity! They are in good company, as already (among many others, check their website for a complete list) Alice Cooper, Johnny Logan, Elvis' TCB-Band and Paul Anka contributed their handprints. We have a huge gallery of 25 pictures of the ceremony for you in our 2009 gallery!

Fall Tours Ahead

As usual, the fall tours start in Austria. This year, it will be different as one of the rare press releases of the band announce:


Three significant Dubliner’s anniversaries occur this year: Luke Kelly’s 25th, Ciarán Bourke’s 21st and Ronnie Drew’s first anniversary.

To mark this special year, The Dubliners are paying a tribute to their former colleagues by way of a presentation of archive photos, video clips and old sound tracks in their concerts.

John has already written poems in honour of Luke and Ronnie and has now added a new poem called “Remembering Ciarán Bourke”. These will be featured in the tributes. Using video clips of selected songs from the past, a collaboration between the old group and the present line-up on stage will be achieved, bridging past and present.

Guinness Irish Festival gallery

The Guinness Irish Festival gallery (took place Switzerland, 6 August) has a nice gallery online including a few shots of our boys - please follow the link below!
Guinness Irish Festival photo gallery

A time to remember (4): Final round-up

We round up our series of A Time To Remember news spots with more pictures. This time it is Dan Cullen from Ireland who delivers more photographs, added to the gallery. Now, we have a total of 60 Vicar Street pictures to enjoy in our 2009 gallery! Thx Dan!

A time to remember (3): Report set 2

Here's the second part of our review about the Vicar Street gig by Ria, telling you all (and I mean any- and everything - highly detailed report) about set two! This time, let us ask Liam Donohue to take a bow - he took many pictures that night and wonderfully illustrates the words. We have added dozens of new pics to our website. And below there's our photographer with Eamonn! Click here for the A Time To Remember review!

Liberty Hall pictures added

Thank to an old pal of the Dubliners, our man in Cork, we could add a few photographs to the Liberty Hall review. Check out the improved review here! And there he is with Patsy: Johnny Cullinane, thank you again!

Liberty hall report

Liberty hall logoThe one and only Mandy B. gives us an in-depth, atmospheric and charming report about the charity gig in Dublin on 30 July. Next to being quite a diversified night, it is obvious that our boys did what they do best:

Each one of them stood out on their own performances and but when they play together it’s a thrill to see them all coming together as one unit.

So what are you waiting for - read the full review!

Liberty hall charity: From Dublin to Norway

varden.no logoPer Jappée from Norway keeps us informed what's going on in Ireland: There is an article on a Norwegian website dealing with the charity gig that took place on 30 July in Dublin. The reason is that Torgeir Straand played there as well and shared the stage with the lads - here's a quote from the article:

"It's fun to play with one of the great legends of the world", says Torgeir Straand. And now the Dubliners wants him with them on other concerts too.
Last week Torgeir Straand brought his hardangerfiddle with him to Dublin for to participate in a charityconcert together with the folk band The Dubliners.
"We played both Irish and Norwegian music together. They played on 'Brudemarsj fra Seljord' (Weddingmarch from Seljord) with me, and I played on Irish reels", Says Straand.

There are a few photographs online as well, so please follow the link below!
varden.no article about Liberty hall

German Luke Kelly story

Luke Kelly liveGerman-based magazine Folker features a story about Luke Kelly's 25th anniversary by our own Dubliners archivist Gerhard Braas.

The whole article is in German!

It talks about the beginnings, Luke's lasting influence, worthy and dubious honours bestowed on him through the years, about valuable releases and interesting unreleased material in the vaults and deals with specific live versions of Luke's ballads. All in all, if you can read German, read it here and now!

A time to remember (2): Report set 1

We continue our Vicar Street coverage with a report about set one, including brand-new photographs. It was a special event in Dubliners history and Ria penned a splendid review. Not much need to brag about it here, so without further ado, here's the link to the report! Enjoy - and make sure to be there this December!

Important note regarding 25th July 2009 gig

All fans from Switzerland (or planning to go there for the concert on 25th July 2009 in Basel) please note that The Dubliners will not play there - please read the following message from the management:

The Dubliners have been looking forward to participating in the proposed Manuela Riedo Foundation concert at The Jakob Stadium in Basel, Switzerland on 25th July, 2009.

We understand that this event is not taking place at the stadium as proposed. This change is beyond our control, and we apologise to our fans for any inconvenience caused.

We regret being unable to participate in substitute arrangements, and wish The Manuela Riedo Foundation every success.

The Dubliners,
18th July 2009.

A time to remember (1): Jim McCann shots

'A time to remember' is history, and history everyone will have to talk about for a goodish while! We start our series of updates with a handful of pictures no other than Jim McCann sent in! Isn't it wonderful how the Dubliners family still sticks together whenever they can! Click here for three more pictures!

Red ale and grey beards - Denmark, April 2009

Barbara and Peter, never-tiring in documenting the journey of the band, once more dispatched a great review and accompanying pictures to us. It's from the first gig on the Denmark/Sweden tour in Aabybro, Denmark, on 23 April 2009. We send our Thanks-A-Lots to B&P and send you to the full article!

A Time To Remember - 4 July 2009

A Time To Remember Poster by Jim McCannIt's just a bit over two weeks that the Dubliners will appear at Vicar Street again. Rarely they label a concert, but this time it is named 'A Time To Remember', and remember bygone days they will for sure! This will be your chance to hear John's Ciarán Bourke poem in person - and of course a endless stream of tunes and ballads! Please note that there is a concert in Cork scheduled as well on the next day, 5 July.

Jim McCann designed a wonderful poster for the Vicar Street gig. Good luck he was a musician first otherwise he would have landed a big job at some design department and we might never have 'heard' of him, literally! Have a look at that beauty right here! Thanks Jim!

Dubs coming to Norway

Norwegian concert infoAfter the Norwegian tour did not materialize, all local fans are not left out in the cold:

The Dubliners are happy to announce that they will appear in Haugesund in about two weeks.

Follow this link for the details and tickets for their 27 June gig.

Vote for The Dubliners

Vote for The Dubliners at IMAHere's some vote for you that makes it worthwhile to walk into the voting booth - especially as it is about the Dubliners and you don't need to walk anywhere but can do this while sitting comfortably in front of your computer! IMA, Ireland's Music Awards, is collecting votes for a series of categories and in one of those, The Dubliners are nominated. So please follow this link http://www.irelandsmusicawards.com/vote_now.php, select Award Category 'Best Folk Group', Nominee 'The Dubliners', enter your name and email addy and there you go. eMail addy is required as you have to confirm your vote via eMail.

The Dubs in Poland March 2009

Once in a blue moon the lads go to places they have never been before like Poland. Lucky for all Dubs fans, Kamil Piotrowski of Sasiedzi was there, took a few very nice photographs and mailed over his memories! And, according to him, it was a day to remember for all Polish folk fans! So why don't you follow our link and see yourself!

Remembering Ciarán Bourke - Poem by John Sheahan

John Sheahan & Ciarán BourkeJohn Sheahan recently wrote a poem for Ciarán Bourke.
This year, as you know, is his 21st anniversary.
He has always been slightly overshadowed by the stronger personalities of Luke and Ronnie.
The poem was published in The Irish Sunday Independent newspaper on 10th of May, his anniversary. It is another beautiful piece from John and if you haven't read it in the Independent, you should hurry here!

Final December 08 update

Will ye please stand up and take a bow, laddie! Me's talkin' to you, Liam! Lads and lassies, raise your glass to Liam Donohue, the photographer who took a bunch of grand pics back in Dec at Vicar Street! The fella below, mind you, is his brother Ger (of Ger & Ank L.A. fame, for those in-the-know, y'know!) and we want to put down that the Donohue Bros. are very good pals. Many a pint was emptied celebratin' the rare ould times. So please will y'all grab your beer and follow me to the gallery displaying a whole lot of excellent brand-new Vicar Street shots - enter right here!

Dubs on RTE again

The lads appeared on RTE ONE again yesterday.

They talked a bit and sang a bit (The Ferryman) and had a good time.
The program is called Seoige and you can have a look here.

Greetings from Japan

Takashi Oda flew over to Dublin to attend the 28 December 2008 gig in Dublin. He was kind enough to pass along a handful of great shots, so here we go - watch the imprint on the cap he's wearing and enjoy the pix in our gallery! Thx Takashi!

Alive and kicking in Den Helder - postscript

It's a small small world, or as P.G. Wodehouse let's Bertie Wooster say, "I yet have to see a smaller one."
As some of you know, Patsy is a huge Elvis fan. Imagine how he enjoyed what we have just added as an addition to the Den Helder review. Scan for the [Update 17 March 2009] paragraph at the beginning of the report and you will know too!

The Dubliners at Vicar Street 30 Dec 2008

Barbara & Peter flew up to Dublin to attend the 30 December 2008 gig at Vicar Street. Overwhelmed by the gig, they don't find the words to put down a review - something I experienced myself before: How do you do justice to such an unique experience and yet avoid going hopelessly overboard?

If the world crashes, there’ll be cockroaches, Cliff Richard and … these gentlemen! declared Jim McCann in his introduction of The Dubliners at their last 2008 concert in Vicar Street, Dublin. There have been so many wonderful reports on this forum about the various concerts of the group throughout the past year, we decided to let the photos speak for themselves of a relaxed yet powerful evening in The Dubliners' home town. Enjoy!

So they delivered a series of 14 excellent shots of the show, so please click here to watch 'em all!

Skagen 2008 Gallery

Barbara & Peter from Germany, regular contributors to these news, point us out to this image gallery of the Dubliners gig at the Skagen 2008 festival. Thanks folks, and to the rest: Enjoy!

European Tour Details 2009

Dubliners Tour 2009 GermanyWe thought to let you know that the 2009 tour details are getting close to being complete, at least concerning the big tours.

Among others, the details about the German tour were announced by Karsten Jahnke a few days ago. In addition, Austria is in for quite a while as well as for everyone being late, the Scandinavian tour.

Check our gig list now and in the next couple of days as we are going to add - especially soon to be confirmed festival gigs - to the list very soon!

Alive and kicking in Den Helder

Thanks to two nice people out there, we can deliver report and pictures from the 4 October 2008 gig in Den Helder in The Netherlands. Find out all about it by clicking here!

Austrian Pics From Australia

Yup, dat's correct me lads and lassies. Carly and Gus from Way Down Under did the best thing they could do for their honeymoon: They flew in to Austria to catch the boys in their 9 September 2008 gig in Vienna. They had a great time and should be applauded as they put a series of shots online - watch these here!

Luke Kelly - 25th anniversary

Ask any Dubs fans and they will know what day tomorrow is: On 30 January 1984, Luke Kelly passed away, never to be forgotten by his band mates, friends and countless fans. So it's 25 - twentyfive, can you believe it!- years this Friday! To commemorate his anniversary, Gerhard Braas, archivist of the Dubliners for many years, has written a piece that is going to be published in the next edition of Folker (in German, mind you). For everyone else, we got the English version! We have to thank Johann Kollmannsberger who unearthed several unreleased photographs of Luke (some with the whole gang!) from a gig in Munich in 1978. So here's your anniversary package: Please click here!

"Burns Wha Hae" already in Flensburg (4 Dec 2008)

Gerhard Braas (our archivist of the Dubliners) reports from the North German border town:

On January 25th the Dubliners will appear on British soil for one single concert. This will be their special contribution to the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scotland's national poet Robert Burns which is exactly at this date. Burns became world famous with his song "Auld Lang Syne" which is frequently sung at Hogmany. The fans of the Dubliners which will have the luck to join this extraordinary concert in Ayr could look forward for some remarkable treat. As a surprise and foretaste of the coming gig in Scotland Seán Cannon sang a Burns song live on stage in Flensburg at the end of the German tour. He could be taken by mistake as a native Scottish laddie celebrating Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon. Decades have passed since we have heard any Burns songs by the Dubliners for the last time - it was Luke Kelly with "Parcel Of Rogues" and "Dainty Davey". Seán revealed backstage with a smile that the Dubliners wanted to try "Ye Banks And Braes" for one time in public before the gig in Ayr. It was really a successful rehearsal in Flensburg with a thankful German and Danish audience.

German tour recap

Barbara and Peter from Germany visited several gigs on the last German tour in November and December 2008. We are very thankful for their report and their faboulos photographs. The review is waiting for you right here!

VIPs over Antwerp - 10 October 2008

Ria from Belgium supplies one more of her wonderfully detailed reports, this time about the concert in Antwerp last October:

Friday 10th October was the unique and only 2008 rendezvous with The Dubliners in the Elisabethzaal in Antwerp, Belgium. The Dubliners were treated like real VIPs: hostesses of the Irish Tourism Office in Brussels had come to Antwerp to welcome their cultural ambassadors with Belgian chocolates.

Hop here to read the full Antwerp report!

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