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Tháinig mé, chonaic mé, bhuaigh mé

When the German tour ended on November 30 in Munich, it became clear that we should celebrate that fantastic series of gigs with yet another review. Our flying (and sometimes train-riding) reporter Enid stood up to the task and delivered a smashingly beautiful report. If you wanna read it (do so now!) and find out what our news caption means (Sean would understand it anyway), please hop over to the review!

Berlin November 2013

Would y'all please give a nice hand to ... Juliane; she attended the Berlin gig, totally loved what our boys delivered (now we like to hear that over and over again), then sent in photos and memories and in doing so, write her first ever review for this website! Click here to read it now! Thank you, Juliane!

Duisburg November 2013

Another appetizer for reviews in the works, here is a truly fabulous photograph taken on the first night of the German tour. That fantastic shot comes to us courtesy of Gibson Girl Photography. Thank you very much! Please check their page for more photographs now! And thx to Dagmar as well!

Click here for a larger version!

Roll Over Germany

The lads are rocking Germany and we will have another review coming up for you pretty soon (that is, pretty soon in Irish terms, so hang loose and come back here in a couple of days). In the meanwhile, let us serve one rocking photograph from the Berlin gig as an appetizer! (And Happy Thanksgiving for all our friends across the pond!)

Belgium October 2013

They did it again. Yup. Guilty as charged - rockin' the joint and making everybody happy. So happy that our reporter from Belgium, Ria, decided to give us the good news in telegraph style: That means you can head over there now, read the review and watch the photos right here! Thank you, Ria!

Den Haag October 2013

Before you lean back and browse through or latest gallery additions, please give a round of applause to Nathalie who sent in a series of wonderful photographs from 9 October 2013, Den Haag, Netherlands. Please follow this link to the 2013 gallery!

Vienna 2013 Revisited - Rock'n'Roll

It's already a month the lads have been to Vienna, but Vienna is still shaking! If you want to hear the story of how incredibly terrific those three gigs turned out and if you want to see thirty fresh new shots from these nights, what are you still doing here? Enjoy the report here!

Sweet days in Switzerland

Malachy sent in this shot of a cake the boys were presented with in Kofmehl, Solothurn. Great tasty stuff, as was the show!

TDL in Vienna: SRO

The Dublin Legends arrived in Vienna like a thunderstorm reaching the coast. Not anticipating well-thought, thouroughly detailed accounts of these magical nights, we wholeheartedly can tell you (almost as to the point as Renata on Italy): The audience was Standing Room Only; it was a show that left everybody breathless. Living up to their name name, it was legendary - and it was the best night the lads ever played at the Metropol.

Le Leggende di Dublino - Bondeno, Italy 2013

The Dublin Legends went to Italy and Renata gave us the ultimate and most to the point review ever: "The Festival in Bondeno was a huge success." But she also gave us a great series of photographs - hurry to our gallery to check them out!

Abbeyfest 2013

Hardly a week ago, the lads played the Abbeyfest in Bury St Edmunds. The Ipswich Star reported about the event in general, mentioning shortly that "they quickly had the audience onside with their easy listening and melodic numbers which included Black Velvet Band, Dirty Old Town, Irish Rover and Whiskey In The Jar". In addition to the image below, there are two more shots at the Ipswich Star website here and here.

Aarhus, Denmark - 9 May 2013

We send our best wishes from Dublin to Denmark (D2D) to Trine Niebuhr who attended the Aarhus gig on 9 May 2013 at the Tivoli Friheden. Thank you Trine! And y'all should be thankful too as Trine supplied 50 great photographs from the night, including the terrific image-supporting shot you see below! Please head over to our gallery to enjoy them all!

The Dublin Legends - new poster layout

Them Dublin Legends got a new poster layout and we hope you all love it! Kudos to our good good friend Bauke from Holland! So wherever you see that shot, you'll know the Dublin Legends will be riding into town sooner or later!

The Dublin Legends - Another world premiere

Yes, it is again! It is first *homemade* review about The Dublin Legends, masterfully penned by our trusted travelling reporters Enid and Renata, racing to Oxford in March to see the legends alive-alive-o! And I won't hold you up one single jiffy, but urge you to go there immediately!

Our very first Dublin Legends review

Remembering Barney one year on

Patsy would like to acknowledge and give thanks for the privilege it has been to have had Barney in our lives.

He had many gifts, the gift of his unique music, with which he entertained people all over the world.

The Gift of his gentlemanly ways which endeared him to so many.

The Gift of his incredible humour and sayings with which he left a permanent smile.

We are sad but we can smile because we know that those gifts are brought home to the Big Music arena in the sky and he has found someone to love him.

God Bless you Barney! Miss you. ______________________________________________

The Dublin Legends - World Premiere

Yeah, actually it is! It's the first tour under the new name! There was magic on stage, fun everywhere, more music than you could put on a 128gig memory stick and creativity sparkling all night long. You never knew if they were opening with "The Ferryman" or "The Irish Washerwoman", you never knew if they even would include "Seven Drunken Nights" - and still leave you breathless, fascinated and thouroughly entertained. But this time around, don't take our word for it - let's have a look what others, mainly the press, had to say. Please follow our link...

The Dublin Legends first tour

Germany 2012

Right before the first tour of The Dublin Legends begins, we take a look back at the last tour of The Dubliners to Germany. This is our second-to-last news report about The Dubliners, so we considered a while if we should deliver an overview of several stopps on the tour. Eventually, we decided to give you a whole lot of photographs from one night only: Enid attended the Beckingen gig on 3rd November 2012 and came home with so many wonderful shots that we decided to select a whopping 25 of 'em to give you a good roundup what a German tour gig looked like last year. Please follow the link below to our gallery and enjoy!

Beckingen, Germany 2012 gallery

The last Late Late Show

This, dear folks, is one of our last updates about The Dubliners. Our very own Mandy recalls the last Late Late Show under the trademark 'The Dubliners':

The Dubliners did their last Late Late Show on Friday, 14th December 2012. There were a lot of guests on the show, among them one in particular who is a long-time friend of the Dubliners: Wold famous comedian and actor Billy Connolly. We had a great chat with him before and after the show as Patsy and Billy’s dressing rooms were side by side. This wasn't Patsy’s first time to meet him: Way back in 1996 Patsy sang "The fields of Athenry" and many more songs on the pitch in Celtic Park for the Glasgow Celtic team at the opening of the new stand and Billy cut the ribbon to release the balloons; Billy was allowed in the huddle with the team that day. That Friday last December they reminisced about it, and anyone who enjoys football, and supports Celtic will appreciate what an honour it was for both of them to be there. They talked about songs and Patsy mentioned one he heard Billy perform years ago, "What Glasgow means to Me" but neither of both could remember the lyrics or even if it was available - it would be great to get a copy of it. Billy went away with a copy of Patsy's new album and admitted that Dublin In the Rare Auld Times was one of his favourites - he too plays a damn good 5 string banjo!
He was a lovely man to spend the time to chat as he's extremely busy on a world tour promoting his new movie "Quartet".
Also on the night we met with actor Domhnall Gleeson (son of the brilliant Irish actor Brendan Gleeson). He was a very charming and intelligent young man and he was chatting about the work that him and several other actors and friends and family are doing to raise awareness and donations for the wonderful hospice, St Francis Hospice in Raheny, both his grandparents were cared for there before sadly passing away, RIP. If anyone wishes to donate you can do so on www.sfh.ie

February gigs postponed

February tour postponed infoWe are sorry to inform you that the February tour (Scotland and England: Arbroath; Inverness; Dumfries; Musselburgh; Glenrothes; Falkirk; Glasgow; Aberdeen; York; Hull; Rhyl; Bradford; Preston; Warrington; Buxton) is postponed.

Currently, the gigs are rescheduled. You'll find it here when all new dates are confirmed.

Rare images from Belgium 2012

As you surely read in the Belgium reviews posted recently (did cha?), Ria told us about a tribute to The Dubliners upon an initiative of the cultural department of the Provincial Executive of Antwerp, organised by Peter Bellens. Our very own Ria was the only photographer present so we exclusively can deliver a series of pictures from the celebration - enter our gallery right here!

A triptych in Belgium

We are very glad to see one of our prolific reporters back on the track - Ria from Belgium has put together words and images to give us a great view at all the Belgian gigs this year, one of those shortly past Barney's passing, the other two in the fall. You get the entertaining and informative insights and the photograph below by Martine Goetschalckx should make you hop to the Belgium reviews now!

The very last Molly Malone of The Dubliners

Here they are in all their glory, and owing to the unique event, we give you the full names:
Gerry O’Connor, Jim McCann, John Sheahan, Sean Cannon, Patsy Watchorn and Eamonn Campbell, performing the last song ever under the name The Dubliners on 30 December 2012 at Vicar Street in Dublin. Just a few moments after this shot was taken, the trademark The Dubliners retired when they left the stage. We have a very few 2012 reviews about The Dubliners in the pipeline, and following our tradition to report about the lads, we will not keep these reviews from you but deliver them soon. And there’s no need to despair, because CCWO (Cannon-Campbell-Watchorn-O’Connor) will continue to perform and entertain the ever-growing crowds of fans as only they can. We know you were waiting for a press release, but, hey, this is an Irish enterprise and The Real Irish ® (and consequently The Adopted Irish ®) have an laid-back attitude about these things: The show goes on anyway, no need to worry that you would miss your favorite music in 2013 – just watch the list in Patsy Live growing and book your tickets, and Sean, Eamonn, Patsy and Gerry will take care of the craic!
Plus, yes, we too, will continue to report about the ongoing adventures of CCWO!
The three nights of 28 through 30 December 2012 being an important turning point in the life and career of everyone on stage - some closing, some opening a chapter - we had your favorite reporters and photographers on duty, and you can expect one big final Dubliners report in due time.

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