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Barney Backstage At Banjo Festival

Fintan Phelan from Dublin met Barney backstage at the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival in September 2006.

He got his autograph on his banjo (does it play on its on now, Fintan?), had a great chat with Barney aka "...pride of the Dubliners!" as the Johnny Keenan website called him.

Check a large version of the pic or check our 5 December news to hunt for more Barney McKenna shots!

Malvern, UK, Flashback - 5th November 2006

While we didn't receive any photographs for this gig, we came across an article by Robert Hale for the Malvern Gazette, where he interviewed the lads a few days before the final show of the UK tour. Follow this link to the article. Amusingly enough, Robert Hale called them "no spring chickens" and we can't argue with that. Additionally, there is talk going on at the City Banter Board where one fellow Niels reports:

I went to see the Dubliners on Sunday. Who should be sitting directly behind me but our own Colin Layland and his lovely, and vegan, wife Margaret. Colin nearly blew my ears off with his racous singing. Just don't tell Colin that I went to the aftershow party, or he will be jealous and never speak to me again. All people who hanker after immigration to Dublin are contractually obliged to see the Dubliners if they are appearing within a 50 mile radius. I will be contacting the Irish immigration department about this.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

The Dubliners want to wish their fans only the very best for 2007, and they hope to see all of you next year on the tours as, lik Barney puts it, it's too late to stop now! We especially like to thank all the wonderful people sending us seasons greetings, by email, snail mail or on the guestbook. There is no way we can reply to all those, so let us say Thank You here!

We are looking for the couple (young fellow, girl with red leather jacket) that talked to Patsy after the Vicar Street gig and had their photograph taken with him - your email does not work, we can't send you the pics, please get in touch with us!

Vicar Street Release Roundup

"Live At Vicar Street - The Dublin Experience" is now out for a couple of weeks. To make your shopping easier, we have added a list of online stores carrying the new release on our Vicar street page. In addition to the online stores, all visitors to Dublin can pick it up conveniently at the Dublin airport.

Also, the album is charting: It entered the Pop Charts and currently is in the Top 100 and it is moving in the Top 5 of the Irish Charts.

The Dublin Experience Preview

Last Sunday, 17th December, the Dubs went back to Vicar Street where the new DVD/2CD was recorded. It was a laid-back Christmas party affair. Within a few days, we'll feed you with bits and pieces and pictures. Mentioning that, friends of the photographer, Peter, were betting where he would appear next (as all in all, pics were taken from 23 different spots). We regret to say that John lost his bet saying Peter next would hang from the ceiling, camera in hand.

Stade, 30th November 2006: Gallery Extended

Thanks to Tillman Virgin and Gerhard Braas, we extended our 2006 photo gallery with four more shots of Eamonn, Patsy and Barney.
These include two more unusual shots showing the most of the band sitting in the back of the stage, enjoying Barney's solo ballad.

These pictures push our 2006 picture count over 100 pics: If you start at page 1 of our gallery, you can follow (almost) the whole year in photographs now, starting in January 2006 in Glasgow, up to November 2006

Stick with us and and we'll add December shots soon!

Braunschweig, 22nd Nov 2006: Fiddle Session

Annette from Winnigstedt reports about the Braunschweig show and what happened before when she and Andreas took John and Seán to a violin workshop - but read yourself:

Before the Braunschweig concert last year in Braunschweig I organized a visit for Seán in the famous violin workshop of Elfi Rautmann and her companion in life, Joseph, because I knew that Seán collects violins.
Unfortunately, we had failed to ask John at that time whether he wanted to come with us as well.
We have made this up this year. The enthusiasm was visibly great on both sides... John's fiddle also could be repaired provisionally. A rip in the corpus was glued so well that one could hear the difference at the concert.
Seán and John played to the joy of everyone until the departure forced by the lack of time.
John found apparently big pleasure in a fiddle, although it is small but has a very firm voice...
The description of the audience which left after the concert was: "This was the best concert of THE DUBLINERS in Braunschweig for years!"
This I could hear while going through the foyer after the show. Also Andreas & me, we found all concerts excellent in the last time. We have seen a very homogeneous band. Carries on that way!... It's too late to stop the tour...

Barney At Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival 2006

Finally, pictures of Barney at this year's Johnny Keenan festival have hit the web - like the one to the right we borrowed from Gerry O'Connor; he has plenty more pics online at his site at http://www.gerryoconnor.com (on our thumbnail, Gerry is to the left behind Barney). Also, the festival website http://www.johnnykeenan.com has some more photographs to keep the Barney fans busy. Kudos to Fintan Phelan for pointing us out to these!

Bielefeld, 25th November 2006

Barbara and Peter, who reported about Frankfurt as well (see our 22nd Nov news) drove to Bielefeld to catch the gig at the Ringlokschuppen. They came back home with a series of nice pictures and heartwarming memories - all of that captured in our Bielefeld 2006 review, a report you definitely shouldn't miss! Barney was playing Bavarian pieces on his over 100-years-old German Hohner harmonica, John and Eamonn offered two rarely heard pieces and altogether each member of the band impressed and convinced tremendously - but check out out yourself here!

Lübeck, 23rd November 2006: Happy B-day Mandy

Mandy Byrnes flew in to Lübeck last Thursday, 23rd November, to catch The Dubliners on her birthday (of which we assume it could be only her 21st!). The report she sent in is one of the most enjoyable and liveliest we ever received, so you are in for a real treat!

The Dubliners walked out on stage to tremendous applause, cheers & screams, I couldn't believe it, the last time I saw something like this was old footage of the Beatles arriving in the USA!

We have spiced this up with half a dozen pictures of the gig and backstage, so you shouldn't miss one single second and read her review instantly!

Backstage With The Dubs

Jürgen Schwitzky from Germany and his family attended the gigs in Hannover and Braunschweig last week. He reports shortly but convincingly how much they liked it all: "Great Performance. After the performance we met the Dubliners backstage. Fantastic..... Barny talked with my son about banjo playing. Unforgettable day for all of us!". Head over to our Meeting the fans gallery where we display four pictures of his family with the lads!

Dortmund, 20th November: Session With Seán

On Monday, 20th November 2006, the Dubliners played the sold out concert hall in Dortmund. But what hardly anybody knew was that Seán Cannon played a session afterwards at the Eisenbarth-Gastronomie. It was organized by Seán's friend of 10 years Hartmut Wassermann and a mere 30 people were present and apparently quite happy. Seán played till 4am and then left in order to be "fresh for the next gig in Hannover" the following day. The Westdeutsche Allgemein Zeizung reports about that session with a small photograph and an article - click here to read it in full (and in German!).

More Frankfurt Photographs

Thanks to Heike and Martin Ingenhoven, we have added three backstage shots from 18th November with Seán, Eamonn and Patsy to the gallery. Check them out in our Dubliners 2006 gallery!

Supernatural In Frankfurt, 18th November 2006

The German tour opener at the Alte Oper (Old Opera) in Frankfurt was a smashing success as we hear from fans and the band alike - everybody enjoyed the night tremendously and it was called "supernatural" by a fan. We received so many exciting and excited reviews and comments that we put those on a separate page - you can read 'em all and view the photographs right here!

Backstage With Eamonn At Vicar Street

Lately, we did not have too many shots with Eamonn Campbell here, so we showcase a picture we right now added to the Meeting The Fans gallery:

There's Eamonn together with Dagfinn Samuel, big fan of the band from Faroe Islands, taken on 23 July 2006 at Vicar Street, the day the new DVD/CD was recorded!

Meanwhile, Eamonn is rocking Germany and we hope to have some tour reports right here very soon!

While We're Waiting...

While we're waiting for the first reports to come in from Germany in a few days, we serve you with more stuff to check out here.

First, we have more pics by Graham Pallot (like the one of his wife with John) in the gallery and we also added a teaser of a small portion of the love song Barney performs quite often: I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me. Click here to watch 50 seconds of the song! We'd like to thank Yvonne van der Meulen for sending the video!

IMM Reports About Us

IMM reported about our efforts to compile the Dubliners collection on their behalf - see article to the left. We take this opportunity to remind the fans of our goal and ask for your understanding that we add a few German words regarding the upcoming German tour.

IMM (Irish Music Magazine) berichtete unlängst über unsere Bemühungen, im Auftrag der Dubliners selbst nach so ungefähr 45 Jahren (typisch irische Gemütlichkeit) die Sammlung der Dubliners (Video, Audio, Fotos, Printmaterial) zusammenzutragen.

An vorderster Front kämpft Dr. Gerhard Braas aus Hamburg, wir können also auch durchaus mit deutschsprachigen eMails umgehen.
Schaut Euch bitte unsere 'Collecting' Seite in aller Ruhe an und meldet Euch bei uns!

Ach ja, Leute, bitte vergesst nicht, uns Eure Fotos und Reports von der aktuellen Tour zu schicken, damit wir diese hier auf der Website mit der Fangemeinde teilen können!

An Post Issues Dubliners Stamp

Is this one below the picture of the year? An Post, the Irish Post Office, which is the official source for all Irish postage stamps, issued a Dubliners stamp. It's part of a music series which features also The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, The Chieftains and Altan. The photograph on which the Dubliners stamp is based was supplied by Ceoladh Sheehan. The stamps and everything related including first day covers and booklets, can be obtained from Irish Stamps, which is part of An Post. On 7th November, the Dubs gathered at the GPO for a special invitation only unveiling ceremony, together with the other bands honored on the stamps. They all were there - Barney, John, Eamonn, Seán, Patsy, Ronnie, Jim, Paddy Moloney, Liam Clancy, Paul Brady, Riverdance folks, last but not least, Paddy Kelly and sister Mona. Visit our gallery for more pictures!

Report From Dudley, UK - 4th Nov 2006

Here's what our own Graham Pallot reports:
So the England tour draws to a close and I made my way to Dudley Concert Hall. This was my 50th Dubs gig over the last 40 years, but the first time I’ve seen Patsy – and it was simply the best show I’ve seen for many many years. The whole group seem totally rejuvenated, and there is a freshness to the performances that bands decades younger could learn from. The repertoire might not be new, but what the hell …. although Michael Howard standing in for Eamonn at short notice brought his own extra dimension to the show.
Patsy as a Dubliner is new to English audiences but won this crowd over right from the start, and things got better as the evening went on. Sean has a new spring to his step, and seems to be singing with more feeling than ever, and the instrumentals remain unsurpassed, whether traditional reels, John’s own compositions or the classical tunes. The show lasted over two and a half hours, and the friendship and hospitality of the boys afterwards was something my wife and our friends will not forget.
After 50 gigs, I can’t wait for my 51st.
NotF: Eamo was on tour in the UK but had to leave early due to family reasons

German Tour Poster 2006

Katja Frauenkron from Hamburg designed the tour poster for the German tour 2006 which will start in two weeks in Frankfurt.
She also was responsible for last years' poster and the 2006 version is a variation from last year.
She posted the artwork in her blogspot at Grafik Workstation Blogspot where she details (in German) some technical background and where you can view the poster in large size.

Her blogspot contains lots more of her designs and thoughts and prove to be an inspiring place for folks interested in graphics design generally.

British Fans: Win Dubs CD's!

The English fans have the chance to win a Dubliners CD at thepublican.com! Follow the link below, where you will read an interview John Porter did at Stanhope Arms in London, before the English tour started. Talking to Eamonn Campbell, John Sheahan and Sean Cannon, chatting about the smoking ban and other things. A nice read and the chance to win a CD if you enter by November 6th, so click to The Publican now! And, we need to mention that, the English fans so far have been very silent - isn't there anyone who wants to report a few lines and send a few pictures? C'mon, folks!

Another Gallery UpdatF: Utrecht, 3rd October 2006

Yvonne van der Meulen from the Netherlands sent in a handful of images from the Urecht gig this October, assuring us that it was a very good show and that she tremendously enjoyed it - as well as the rest of the audience. We added three new pics to from that night to the 2006 gallery, one with Michael Howard, who was (like in Austria before) filling in for Eamonn Campbell during the Dutch tour; we reported about Michael earlier in our 6th September news.

More Photographs from Austria 2006

The busy surfers among yer folks surely have noticed it, but we still think we should point everybody to Peter Heinz Austrian Dubs homepage where you find two rather recent galleries, one from 3rd September in Gars and one after the last gig in Vienna on 8th September. All in all, there are almost 20 pictures, including audience shots, off stage shots and a series of pics with the Dubs on an oldtimer tramway.

Gallery Extended: Vienna, 5th September 2006

Yes, we listen! We listen to what you are telling us and you told us how much you liked our assortment of pictures from 6th September (see our Sept. 8 news), so we are back with another selection of shots, this time from 5th September 2006, another Vienna gig. There is a closeup of Michael Howard, there's Barney singing and smiling like only he can; then we have for you John plying his trade and a classic shot taken during Molly MalonF: Patsy conducting the "choir" and Seán fully concentrated on assisting the audience. We would be honoured if you would visit our gallery for the full-size full-quality shots!

Feedback From Kersouwe Gig In July

Staying in The Netherlands for another news item, we came across the guestbook of the open air theatre in Heeswijk-Dinther, Netherlands, where the Dubliners appeared on July 7, 2006. Among the notes posted, Charley wrote that the band was "mighty" and "the best live act I have ever seen", closing by hoping that they will return. Rob mentioned that the Kersouwe was the ideal location for a show like that and that he enjoyed it immensly. As an interesting postscriptum, Diba (the company managaging the Dutch tours) entered the guestbook as well and noted: "We would return very gladly!"
The Kersouwe Guestbook

Raymond Reports About Nijmegen - Oct. 5, 2006

Raymond Smeets, whose weblog Ray Of Light reported about the Dubliners last year too (see our old news here) has attended the October 5 gig at Nijmegen and again has posted a detailed review. He mentions that on the downside, the sound was not exactly what you call good and that the seats were very uncomfortable, but elaborates on the things he liked, like multi-instrumentalist John Sheahan and the two singers Patsy and Seán sharing the beautiful Dublin ballads and the more traditional material between them nicely. If you read Dutch, be sure to check out the full review!
Raymond Smeets Weblog About The Dubs

Website Update: Links

Website update time! We finally have reworked the Links section and added a Dubliners section. There you find a few nice sites to explore. We especially recommend to visit Gerry O'Connor, who has a message right at his frontpage talking about the time he played with the Dubliners:

Towards the end of '05 I got a call from The Dubliners to stand in for Irish banjo legend Barney McKenna for a European tour. Barney was ill at the time and he personally requested that I do the tour. It was great crack and I'm glad to report that Barney is back to his witty self again thank God, and playing better than ever.

In addition, Gerry has a very nice gallery with shots of the Dubliners in Vienna in September 2005 online so you should visit him right now!
Gerry O'Connor Website

Vienna September 5 Gallery

We added a backstage shot from Sept. 5 at the Metropol to the gallery as it displays Patsy with photographer Alfred Pany from Vienna. Alfred took a series of great shots of the gig as well as backstage and alsmost two dozen of these can be viewed in his online shop where you can order prints of the pictures as well!

We had a lot of fun backstage and Alfred not only proved to be a great man of the pictures, but also a cheerful fellow - hope to see you again next year!

Report: Nijmegen, Netherlands, Oct. 5, 2006

Luuk Lenders, loyally reporting from the Netherlands, sends us news about the October 5 gig in Nijmegen. There were also a few nice photographs enclosed which we added to our Meeting The Fans gallery. Luuk told us about the show, how he experienced each band member, how he got backstage afterwards and rounds it up with the complete set list: A personal and fun fan report we gladly publish for everyone to enjoy - please read the Nijmegen report here.

Report: Heerhugowaard, October 6, 2006

Lisette from the Netherlands attended the gig at Heerhugowaard last Friday, October 6. She reports that it was a "reaaally great" night and proves it with a series of photographs you can view in this gallery.
She also reports a very touching moment: John Sheahan dedicated the Marino Waltz to Ad Poleij, who passed away this year; his children had bought the tickets to the Oct. 6 gig earlier, but Ad did not live to see it. So the kids went, and another daughter, Iris which lives in Cincinnatti, putting on a Dubs album over there on Ohio and remembering their father in a very special moment made possible by the lads.

Barny McKenna At Sionna Festival

The fourth annual Sionna Festival of World Music and Dance runs from 10th - 20th November and will take place in Limerick. One of the highlights of the event is a day-long celebration of banjo-playing in Ireland on Wednesday, November 15th. During an afternoon seminar, Barney will be interviewed at 2:30 PM and later that night appear in a special concert with Gerry O'Connor, John Carty, Mickey Dunne, Mick Moloney, Kieran Hanrahan and many more. Tickets for the Sionna festival can be bought from their ticketline on 1890 61 61 61. Sionna Festival.

More Dutch Tour Comments

Today we serve the international fans with more translations from the guestbook of the Dubliners fan website of the Netherlands, but we invite everybody able to read Dutch to visit their very nice site to read the comments in full.
Hanneke, attending the gig with her two sons and seeing the band for the first time with Patsy, aknowledged that she sucessfully habituated to Patsy. For Gerrit, Barney was the man of the evening, and Elly commented about the Oct 2nd gig in Amsterdam that Barney was in fine form. Wim wrote about Steenwijk (30th Sept) that it was just terrific and that he wants to add to all the nice words about Barney, that both Seán and Patsy looked and appeared in top form as well. HaPé explained about the Oct 4th gig in Rotterdam, that a Dubs gig always is a family affair and that he is supporting the band for 32 years; he was especially touched that Patsy performed a few Luke Kelly songs HaPé had not heard in 20 years, and he went on explaining: "With his voice situated between the warm voice of Paddy and the raw voice of Luke, he certainly is a great addition to the band."

Patsy Watchorn & His Deering

We often receive questions about the strikingly beautiful banjo he is playing. It's a custom-made banjo named Black Diamond, hand-crafted by the world-renowned Deering company. It's not only an eye-catcher, but also offers a wonderful sound, as all who attend the gigs know. We have set up a page that tells all about this beauty, please follow the link below - including a picture.
Patsy Watchorn & his Deering

Dutch 2006 Tour Going On Nicely

The Dutch tour obviously is going very well (not that we're really surprised). The guestbook at the Dutch fan site contains a series of entries about the first few gigs; while we point you to the Dutch website for the complete comments (in Dutch, mind you), we want to give you a brief summary about what's written there.
Mary from Amstelveen righfully asks "Why is it that you never can't sit still at a Dubliners concert?", while Paul especially remembered I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me from the Breda gig which he found splendid - yet he commented that Molly Malone at the end of the night is an insult to the audience. That sparked a lively and amusing discussion, so if your Dutch is good enough, don't miss the full guestbook. Lucas Westerhof bowed down before Barney for the first gig in Steenwijk, saying he was magificent. Interestingly enough, there are quite a few voices asking for Raglan Road, The Town I Loved So Well, A Nation Once Again and rebel songs in general. There are get well wishes for Eamonn too. Kees Mol sums it up for everybody when writing about the Steenwijk gig: "It was wonderful seeing and hearing the boys again!"

Wolfgang Gonaus Exhibition To Include Dubs

Wolfgang Gonaus, noted and published Jazz photographer from Austria, is to open his exhibtion "Musical Moments" on October 5th, 2006 at the Otto Riedel Galerie in Klosterneuburg. He is a good friend of The Dubliners for many years and there will be some Dubliners work on display.

Mind you, there won't be much as Wolfgang knows countless musicians and the exhibition will showcase a cross section of his work during the past years. Nevertheless, it will prove a fascinating travel through the world of concert and especially jazz photography. It runs through October 22nd.

Visit his website for details!

Report: Breda, October 1, 2006

The Chassé Theater in Breda (Netherlands) was the second stop on the Dutch tour and the Peter & Barbara, loyal fans who sent in news last year as well, were there too, crossing the border from Germany. We received a picture and the following report - thank you very much, and here we go:

It was like meeting good old friends!
The performance as easy and brilliant as ever. The wonderful mixture between vivid songs, jigs and reels and airs. Excellent instrumental pieces as well as touching tributes to Luke and Ciaran. Enough space for Michael Howard to get into the gig but never forgetting Eamonn and wishing him well from the crowd! And as great final the „Dublin Anthem“ Molly Malone, sung by the Dubs and what must have been 2000 in the audience (at least) as choir – again another unforgettable night! Barney, John, Sean, Patsy and Michael, you did a great job! Our best wishes to Eamonn for good progress in recovering. We’ve been missing you!
Very special thanks to you lads for waving us Goodbye when leaving the Theatre on the bus long after the show!! Please take good care of yourselves. We’re looking forward to see you in Frankfurt! Barbara and Peter, Euskirchen (Germany)

Gars am Kamp, Austria, Sept. 3: Soundcheck

While the band is on their way to Holland, we serve you with yet another series of pictures from Gars. Richard Minarik sent in quite a lot of great shots of which we picked half a dozen for the gallery - start right here. For the news we picked a shot of Patsy working to get the best sound for his Black Diamond Deering. As you can see, we also have a picture of the photographer on file (with three photographers on hand in Gars, we had no problem getting all the shots we wanted!). Check the gallery, enjoy the 6 new pics and be sure to send us YOUR pics from the Dutch tour!

Johnny Giles Golf Classic

News from the "Dubs solo front" again, this time it's Patsy we have something to report about: The Johnny Giles Golf Classic will take place on October 9th, but the celebration night was on September 18th already, backed up by the FAI on board as well. It was a great evening alltogether and the entertainment was provided (again, we may say, as they have been invited back for a few years now) a couple of great lads, Pat, Eamonn and Don. Patsy basically was a guest enjoying the night as everybody else but met the request to jump on stage for a song or two and performed Dublin In My Tears and The Ferryman. Thank you for the evening and see ya next year, lads!

Barney McKenna At Banjo Festival

The 'infamous Carter Brothers', as they call themselves, are musical heavyweights in the folk world, performing (another quote from their laid back website) their "groovinappalacianfolkrockfunkedupblue- grassgypsyblues" music; they are blood relatives of The Carter Family and have some grammy award winners in their midst. Recently, they played the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival where they met Barney who appeared there too. They say a lot of nice things about our Barney on their website of which we quote a few words below:

Barney McKenna is an Irish and world reknowned music legend and treasure. A co-founding member of the world famous band "The Dubliners" in 1962 his performance on Sunday night was was nothing short of stunning. His rockin' tenor banjo instrumentals and almost unbelievably emotional vocal performance on some well known old Irish ballads left most of us in tears of joy and disbelief...we were in total awe.

Thanks to Carsten from Münster who pointed this out to us!

Karsten Jahnke Interviewed

Karsten Jahnke, tour promoter and above all good friend of the band for nearly 40 years, was featured prominently in the "Hamburger Abendblatt". The newspaper had a good long interview with Karsten on September 15. You can read the full interview in German at the Abendblatt website. Logically, the Dubliners were discussed as well and that's what he said:

I've heard the Dublinders for the first time at the end of the sixties. Luke Kelly was the best folk singer of all times. I still remember the first concert at the Musikhalle. The atmosphere was incredible. It was bubbling. And then he sings the song of the moor soldiers, The Peat Bog Soldiers. And like someone said "Stopp" it was stock-still. The man had a stage presence... incredible. That's how my enthusiasm started.

Report: Feldbach/Austria - Sept. 2, 2006

There is a small and favorable review in German at Bildpost which includes three small pictures; please don't hold your breath when reading and seeing the name Campbell listed, the author obviously mistaked about the band: Eamonn, as you all know, was not there.

Report: Gars, Sept. 3 & Vienna, Sept. 5

Karl Zouhar sent us a series of photographs from as well as comments about the Austrian tour; be sure to check our gallery for two more pics. Here's what he wrote:

As expected, the events with the Dubliners in Gars/Kamp and at the Wiener Metropol were excellent. At the Metropol, which the Dubliner are very familar with, we experienced once again a stirring performance "from friends for friends" - a delight within a wonderful atmosphere for all present! The familiarness between the artists and the audience filled the room markedly. Everything was a-okay at the castle ruin in Gars/Kamp too, where the Dubliners appeared for the first time. (Band, crowd, weather, Künstler, Publikum, Wetter, surroundings). As the faces of the Dubliners displayed many a smile and the joy of performing quite often, we surely hope to see them at Gars next year again!

Report: Vienna, Sept. 8, 2006

We added a gorgeous shot from the Dubs last gig in Vienna (Sept. 8) to the gallery today.

It showcases Patsy interacting with the audience. I have forgotten if it was Paddy On The Railway or Finnegan's Wake, but it was one of the songs where the band watches closely the folks to see if they clap along correctly - or stop at the right moment.

Too often, someone misses the right moment to stop and then Patsy starts to dart playful glances at the crowd which is squeaking with delight.
The rebuke from the band always is good-natured and humorous, like Patsy told one lady some night: "You're out lady, but we'll let you in again!" or when he requires the audience to pay the band a drink for any faulty clap (being Irish or not, the lads would be dreadfully plastered if the crowd actually would stand them those drinks...)

Report: Vienna, Sept. 7, 2006

To the right you see Barney getting ready to sing a song. 'He likes sea shantys and drinking ---songs, but tonight he's quite in a different mood: He's going to sing a love song!' is the usual intro by John to 'I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me', which culminates in the encouragement, 'C'mon, Romeo McKenna!'.
The song does not fail to get the audience singing the easy chorus along and if you don't think Barney can handle a love song than you better check our giglist and visit the lads as soon as possible.

Report: Vienna, Sept. 6, 2006

Wednesday night possibly was the best night so far; the band was in mid-season form, the audience wonderful, and it's hard to say what makes a particular night 'better' than the other, but there it is. Instead of trying to explain with many words, we deliver four more pictures of that gig today - for a change, we decided to pick close-ups this time. Hop over to our gallery to watch these full size!

The Dubs With Guest Michael Howard

It is time to tell you a bit about Michael Howard finally. First, Eamonn currently is taking care of his health and unfortunately had to cancel the trip to Austria which he regrets very much - he is sending best wishes to all the fans! Michael Howard, also from Dublin, was invited to come along for the tour, which was not really a surprise, as the band youngling has quite a history with them lads: He knows Barney and John for well over 30 years. They became friends when they met while the Dubliners were part of the Brendan Behan play Richard's Cork Leg in London in 1972. Michael is a classical concert guitar player and as such has an excellent name going for him. Michael also appears live with John (where the man finds the time is a miracle, but he does) and they released an album titled In Our Own Time in 1987, featuring 12 of their own compositions. This year, he already was with John, Barney and Patsy at the Tonight With Vincent Browne program on RTÉ Radio One, so he is in constant touch with the band and used to their repertoire anyway. He is introducing himself musically to the Dubliners fandom with a beautiful piece from a South-America, a tango done together with John. On display is a picture of John and Michael playing, and in our gallery you'll find another shot of a rather pensive Michael back at the dressing room, after the gig.

Report: Vienna, Sept. 5, 2006 (1)

It was a marvellous night! For the second time, we heard Barney perform 'Three Score And Then', which impressed not only the audience, but also Patsy, who commented that it is years he heard that song and that he never heard it from Barney. The band came across very much in control, regardless if Barney made the whole Metropol cheer, John's playing let 'em spring up from their seats, Seán kept them swinging and clapping, Michael's Tango had them swaying or Patsy's song in remembrance of Luke made them hush and listen awestruck. But the picture of the day award definitely goes to the fans who waved the Irish flag at the end of the gig. Well done, lads!

Report: Vienna,Sept. 4, 2006

The lads arrived in Vienna for five consecutive nights; the welcome they got last night was overwhelming.

Out of our gallery, here's a shot of John 'André Rieu' Sheahan - if you want to hear the full story, you have to attend one of the gigs! Please be sure to call the Metropol first as the gigs are pretty much sold out - as usual, we might add.

Michael Howard, first time with the Dubs, looks on amused; more about Michael soon.

Report: Gars Am Kamp, Austria, Sept. 3, 2006

The Dubliners are back in Austria!
They started their tour in Styria on Saturday and tonight, a few hours ago, they placed the castle ruin in Gars am Kamp in Lower Austria. The ruin provided a most beautiful scenery. The band played well and the crowd went wild (some drove five hours to attend the gig and did not regret it). Our picture displays Milica, long-time friend and manager of the Austrian tours, proudly posing with the lads.
Starting tomorrow, they will play five consecutive night at the Metropol in Vienna.

Report: Cork, August 6, 2006

Following Killarney, the Dubliners travelled to beautiful Cork City to play the Opera House. In front of over 1.000 people, they were pulling out all the stops - singing, joking, rocking - as our shot of Patsy proves.
The audience loved every minute, from the silent moments of I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me to the touching The Dublin Minstrel, from fantastic instrumentals to light-hearted ditties like I'll Tell Me Ma. Even the own crew stopped and watched the show mesmerized.

Saying all this, the Dubliners want to thank their Irish audiences during their short tours in July and August - it was heartwarming to play the homegrounds again.

And the rest of Europe better get prepared for the fall tours!

Report: Killarney, August 5, 2006 (4)

That was the programme of the Killarney gig:
Fermoy Lassies/Sporting Paddy • The Banks Of The Roses • Black Velvet Band • The Ferryman • Dublin In The Rare Auld Times • The Showman's Fancy/The Wonder Hornpipe/The Swallows Tails • Cill Chais • The Spanish Lady • Luke's 21st Anniversary • The Dublin Minstrel • Paddy On The Railway • I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me • The Old House/The Maid Behind The Bar/Selection Of Reels • I'll Tell Me Ma • Kelly The Boy From Killane • Fiddler's Green • All For Me Grog • The Three Sea Captains/Mullingar Races • The Night Visiting Song • When The Boys Come Rolling Home • Finnegan's Wake • The Leaving Of Liverpool • Marino Waltz • Black Rock Hornpipe/Austenalleys • Dirty Old Town • Whiskey In The Jar • The Wild Rover • Molly Malone
And after the show, the lads relaxed with friends at the Gleneagle Hotel, just like Seán pictured here!

Report: Killarney, August 5, 2006 (3)

The logic consequence of yesterday's news is that an Irish duet is played by three musicians and that's what they later did to much applause with their well-known and well-loved mandolin duet The Three Sea Captains/Mullingar Races.

To the left (and, as all the others, added to the gallery) you'll find an atmospheric photograph of John and Eamonn, taken from the left wing of the stage, the photographer patiently standing behind the monitors and waiting for a great moment for a pic - and there it was.

Report: Killarney, August 5, 2006 (2)

Today we deliver a great impression of an Irish banjo solo.

As Barney explains (and everybody will remember who recently has seen the lads live), Irish solos are played by two musicians, so Eamonn joins him, adding some great guitar playing. Needless to say, the audience went wild over Barney's quotes and quips (yes, there have been many more so in the unlikely case you don't know, attend a Dubliners gig nearby - Austria, Holland, England, Germany coming up!)

Report: Killarney, August 5, 2006 (1)

The fall tours are rapidly getting closer, so we decided to give you a good dose of Dubs over the next few days!

We open with a gorgeous shot of Patsy from Killarney. His 'Luke Kelly Package' - those two songs he delivers in the first set, one about Luke, one by Luke - was enriched by that beautiful poem John penned (we reported on August 11) now is recited by John right before the two ballads The Dublin Minstrel (Patsy calls this usually The Red-Haired Minstrel Boy) and Paddy On The Railway.

Report: Vicar Street, July 23, 2006 (3)

We conclude our Vicar Street series by informing you what went on when Inge's dad, pictured here with Eamonn, went backstage - Inge & family took him Dublin for his 60th birthday, so Happy B-day!

After the concert we also had the opportunity to go to the back stage bar and meet The Dubliners in person. They are really kind people. When Barney started to sing "South Australia", my dad sang the chorus along. After that, another guy and my dad started to sing the beautiful song "Grace". A nice quote is that even the other guy thought my dad was Irish too, because he knew the lines of the song that well :-). But the thing that is going to make sure that everyone who attended the concert can have a nice thing to remember it by, is that the concert was recorded for the new Dubliners DVD. And that surely is an item we'd like to have to complete our 'Dubliner' collection! Again: Thanks to The Dubliners for bringing so much joy into our lives!"

Report: Vicar Street, July 23, 2006 (2)

We continue with Inge's report, along with a picture of John with his daughter Ceoladh! Be back soon for the last part!

When John mentioned that a lot of Luke Kelly's family was present and that he was going to read a poem he specially wrote for Luke as a tribute, it went quiet in the crowd, you could almost hear a pin drop. After the poem, Patsy began to sing "The Dublin Minstrel", really touching. After the break, John had a next surprise, he asked for his daughter to come on stage and they both performed the "Marino Waltz", a real father-daughter moment. You could read from their faces how much they enjoyed to perform together. With "Fiddler's green", a very well known Irish song, it was almost the end of an unforgettable concert. After the well known 'We want more' and 'Barney! Barney! Barney!', The Dubliners returned 4 times and kept on singing. No one wanted the evening to end. But during one of their returns John mentioned that 'Rik (my dad) came to the concert with his family and that it was his 60th birthday' (It was a birthday gift for my dad from us (his children), to see The Dubliners perform in Dublin) and they sang "Molly Malone" especially for him. It was overwhelming. The six of us, we stood up and started singing along with The Dubliners.

Report: Vicar Street, July 23, 2006 (1)

Inge Sneyer from Belgium sent us a long and lovely report and series of nice photographs from Vicar Street, so we reward all our guests with news and pictures of the 23 July gig (come back next week for more!):

After attending the Open air concert in our hometown Turnhout two weeks ago, we went to see The Dubliners perform in their hometown Dublin. Vicar Street was filled with people. When the lights went out suddenly Jim McCann appeared on the stage to introduce The Dubliners. It was really a big surprise to see him. At that time, we didn't know that the evening was going to be full of surprises. With songs as "Whiskey in the Jar", "All for me grog", "Black Velvet Band", "Home boys home", "The Ferryman", The Dubs again did what they do best, perform and making sure that everybody has a great time, singing along with the guys. With "The pool song", Seán had everybody laughing out loud. It was really funny.

Our dubs2006 gallery has another new Vicar Street shot of Barney and John performing!

Vicar Street At www.dubliners.at

Peter Heinz, webmaster of www.dubliners.at, is offering a very nice photo gallery from the July 23, 2006, gig at Vicar Street in Dublin. All pictures were taken by Sebastian Senf, who also added short comments (in German) to each photograph. Our shot to the left displays Barney, John and his daughter Ceoladh.

Hop over to dubliners.at and click on 'Fotos' for the whole series!

Killarney, August 5: Pre-Gig Craic

Prior to the gig at the INEC in Killarney, the Dubs were in for a pleasant surprise:

Their long-time friend Karsten Jahnke, who is organizing their German tours for ages, dropped in at the INEC (Irish National Entertainment Centre) in Killarny on Saturday, August 5th; with him was his charming wife.

They enjoyed a long and happy chat before the gig, and - you guessed it - sat down after the show for a pint or two, exchanging memories of tours gone by and looking ahead on upcoming shows!

It was nice to meet him and they look forward seeing him again at the German tour 2006 (November 18th to December 2nd)!

See our Live page for all the details!

The two pictures here were added to our new Dubliners photo gallery Meeting The Fans where we have more fresh shots for your enjoyment!

Luke Kelly: 21th Anniversary Poem

Brought to our attention by John Sheahan himself, we report that The Douglas Post has reprinted the poem John wrote for Luke's 21st anniversary.

This touching and emotional tribute is known to all who have attended a Dubs gig recently, but for those you didn't, click the link below for the full article and poem!
Luke Kelly: 21th Anniversary

Back From Ireland

Your webmaster arrived safely back after joining the Irish tour of the lads for their final two gigs in Killarney and Cork. The travel alone was an experience as it was Gaelic sports quarter- and semi-finals weekend and the train stations were full of fans in their red or green-and-yellow and other jerseys. And I travelled down to Killarney with a bunch of merry folks from Donnycarney. On the way back we passed through Fermoy (didn't see any lassies, I have to admit). Both nights went very well, the boys were receiving standing ovations; the gig at the Cork Opera House was especially rewarding. Have met with very nice people and I want to send greetings to Dan Cullen and his family, John Lynch, Susan, (and of course Archie), Debra Summers from the US (fulfilling a lifelong dream in coming to the show) and Carsten Jahnke, German tour promoter and friend for decades, with his wife. On the staff part, it was great to meet Brian Hand, Pat O'Brien and son and David Bookles. Last but not least there were Harriet and her sister as well as charming Mary Sheahan. The Dubliners themselves want to thank the wonderful audiences and the efficient and friendly staff at the venues. Watch out for more from these gigs soon here in the news!

Belfast Telegraph: Rare Oul' Times Still Going

Right at the weekend of the Belfast gig, the Belfast Telegraph did a lengthy feature by Damien Murray about meeting the boys during a promotional stint a few days before the N.I. gigs. We reprint a few quotes but invite you to click the link below to read the full review!

You don't need to be from the Irish capital to be a member of The Dubliners - but apparently you do need a beard. [...] As an entertainment and music journalist, I have been lucky enough to have seen many performers over the years. In the mid 1960s, however, one of the first groups I remember seeing was a rather hairy bunch of men known as The Dubliners. They must have made quite an impression on me for I have subsequently seen them again and again … in fact, 60 times to be exact. Unlike other groups of the day, they were accessible, down to earth, without airs or graces - the kind of people you could easily bump into in the pub. So it was no big surprise that when they recently spoke to 24/7, the chosen venue was Belfast's Crown Bar. It may sound surreal to share a snug with five world-famous musicians whom I normally watch from a seat in a concert hall, but really nothing could have felt more natural or comfortable. Like having a drink with old friends, the conversation and craic flowed as easily as a pint of stout in the hands of a thirsty man when Barney McKenna, John Sheahan, Sean Cannon, Eamonn Campbell and Patsy Watchorn got into their stride. [...] With little coaxing they played their hearts out in a spontaneous session, Barney McKenna leading the chorus in a rousing version of South Australia. After 44 years on the road, with a few line-up changes along the way, it may not be "too late to stop now", to quote original banjo player McKenna, but according to long-time member, fiddler John Sheahan, "it's certainly too late to start again!" So, what has been the secret of their longevity?

Read the answer and much more by clicking below!
Belfast Telegraph Article

Newsflash: Dubs On Swedish TV

On Saturday, 5th August, Swedish TV 1 will send 'The Dubliners in Stockholm 1973' (15 minutes). The local TV guide says: The Irish folk music group will let themself loose with musical acrobacy.

Top Five Downloads July 2006

1. A Nation Once Again
2. The Irish Republican Army
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Sean South Of Garryowen
5. Dublin Town In 1962
The chart is almost the same like in June, but we have three (!) equally downloaded runner-ups this time, closely following spot #5: Irish Soldier Laddie,Grace and the video of The Dublin Minstrel.
All audio/video we got neatly listed on one page!

Vicar Street, First Pictures

Courtesy of Mandy Byrnes, we deliver first shots from the Vicar street gig!

Green Linnet Re-Broadcast On RTÉ

Green Linnet, a 6 programme series, will be rebroadcasted by RTÉ very soon. It was postponed a few times since the scheduled spot on Wednesday was taken by sports broadcasts in the past weeks, but it should now go on air finally. The Green Linnet was made in 1978: Barney and Tony MacMahon travel from Ireland to Germany, Breton and other places and the camera follows them while they busking and meet people everywhere they go. Great series!

Report: Dubs At Kersouwe, July 7, 2006 (3)

Our final part re the open air gig at Kersouwe consists of a collage of four backstage shots by Jacqueline van der Molen. There's no end to the fluttering of kisses and hugs and mucking around when the lads are giving their fans treatment 'A'!

Vicar Street Gig: Traci Watchorn Reports

Traci Watchorn, the youngest of the most famous daughter triumvirate in the whole wide wordld attended the Vicar Street gig last Saturday and forwarded a brilliant review and reveals the secret that there will be a new DVD by The Dubliners soon:

Well what a night……!! I was really looking forward to seeing my dad last night, as he has been quite a busy bee over the last few months!! Well it was worth the wait… John Sheehan described my Dad as a second hand model with mileage but in good shape!! Well of course I agree and I think the people in Vicar St last night would second that!! It was a great show and from reading the comments over the last few months about the Dubliners tour I know exactly what they are talking about!! They are all legends in their own right.. As for Barney how cool is he.. ?? The screams he got last night would make a Westlife concert sound like Sunday Mass - poor little Nicky would be shaking in his white pointy shoes!! The crowds that attended the show last night were all ages and it shows what an impact The Dubliners have on everyone.. Old and young sang along to all the hits the Dubs have put under their belts over the last 44 years!! The DVD they were filming last night is going to be a huge hit as my Dad kept on saying the CRAIC is great and it certainly was!! I had a super night and I’m already looking forward to the next show..!! PS: I was very impressed with my Dad’s trendy pink shirt!! Very nice.. woo hoo!!

Report: Dubs At Kersouwe, July 7, 2006 (2)

In addition to the nice report from Folkforum (we reported earlier), Jacqueline van der Molen has supplied us with a few great shots.

We start with the one to the right - the boys are rather smallish, Patsy is hidden behind Séan, but you can see the beautiful arena clearly.

The pic can be viewed larger in our gallery. Come back soon for more pictures by Jacqueline!

Report: Turnhout, Belgium, July 8, 2006 (4)

As promised, we continue with the second part of Inge Sneyer's report:

In the meanwhile, during the Cluricauns performance, the big marketplace was completely filled with enthusiastic fans. And finally happened what we had all been waiting for, The Dubliners entering the stage! With songs like The Black Velvet Band, Whiskey In The Jar, Dirty Old Town, ... Barney, John, Sean, Patsy and Eamonn had the public directly in their hands. Barney is the best banjoplayer in the world. John playing the violin and whistle. Sean with his beautiful singing voice. Patsy singing about his beer and tobacco All For Me Grog. And Eamonn doing magic on his guitar. For me, the higlight of the evening was of course Barney saying 'I'm going to sing this song for a nice flemish girl and her mom'. It was just heartrending, Barney singing this wonderful song, after a while everybody started to sing along with Barney, it was Wow, breathtaking. It was a perfect evening with a perfect performance.
After the 'We want more...' from the fans, The Dubs ended their concert with The Wild Rover and Molly Malone, songs very well known by the Belgium public. I'm convinced that not all listeners Saturday knew who The Dubliners were, of course everybody knows songs like The Wild Rover, but now they can all put faces to the performers. I'm sure that The Dubliners have welcomed a lot of new fans during their Open Air Concert at Turnhout.
The local papers named the appearance on stage of 'the oldies' a huge succes. Hopefully they will be back next year, because The Dubs are simply THE BEST!

We conclude our Turnhout series with the note that Patsy himself enjoyed both gigs very much; he thought the audience on both days was brilliant and he was very impressed with the Open Air in Belgium and said: 'In front of 18.000 enthusiastic people, it was one of the most thrilling times I ever was on stage and one of the most exciting gigs I ever performed in.'

Report: Turnhout, Belgium, July 8, 2006 (3)

After Ria's excellent report from Turnhout, we received another marvelous account from Inge Sneyers, which we are going to server you in two parts:

On the 8th of July, The Dubliners were the special guests at the 'Turnhoutse Vrijdagen, a music event that takes place during the summer holidays in Turnhout, Belgium. As many other fans, we arrived pretty early in Turnhout, awaiting the concert we sat oneself on a terrace, with a fresh drink. It was nice to see that not only Belgium was well represented that day, because people came from everywhere to see The Dubliners performance, from The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, ...
Suddenly, we saw John entering the stage, rapidly I took my camera and went to the stage. But as I arrived, he had already been gone. Yet, patience is and remains a beautiful virtue. So a couple of minutes later it was Patsy's turn. As for that moment, I was the only one standing there, I yelled at Patsy, 'Patsy, can I please take a picture of you?'. Kind as he is, he posed specially for me and I took a beautiful picture. It didn't took very long before other enthousiastic fans saw what was happening on the stage, and they gathered in front of it - because it was time for The Dubliners soundcheck! So one by one, they appeared on the stage. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to watch them doing their soundcheck. I don't think I only speak for myself when I say that it is a totally different experience than when you see them perform during their concert. For me, I knew it was the start of an evening I will never forget. 20 minutes later... the soundcheck had ended.
It was time for the Cluricauns to do their thing. During their performance I saw Barney walking between the public. I thought to myself, this is my chance! I went to see him, and told him how much I loved his song "I wish", which he had sung in The Royal Circus in Brussels 2 years ago. He said to me '"I wish I had someone to love me"? Did you like the song? Well, I will sing it tonight specially for you!". I was totally overwhelmed that he was going to do that. My mom, who had followed me, asked Barney for a kiss, and he was happy to give it to her. That time, I knew it was going to be a night I will never forget and my mom neither of course.

The 1916 Easter Rising CD & DVD

'The 1916 Easter Rising Beneath A Dublin Sky' is the title of a compilation Dolphin Records put out a few weeks ago (commemorating, late as the Irish always are, the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising). The Double CD contains several previously released tracks by several members of The Dubliners, from Luke Kelly to Patsy Watchorn and is offering nothing new at all for the Dubs fan. The DVD contains a completely different program which does strangely include some recordings not related to the 1916 Easter Rising, like Fields Of Athenry or If You Ever Go To Dublin Town. Speaking of Patsy, his two songs were filmed especially for the DVD, one is Kevin Barry, the other The Dying Rebel, which Patsy never had recorded before.

Report: Dubs At Kersouwe, July 7, 2006 (1)

Mirjam Adriaans provides the article, Ronald Rietman the images, and the result is a lively description of the July 7 open air gig in Heeswijk-Dinther, Netherlands, published by Folkforum Netherlands. Please be sure to read the full article (note that it is in Dutch) as well as enjoy the series of photos at the Folkforum website. Courtesy of Ronald Rietman, we can provide you with an excerpt of the review and a picture!

Saturday evening the group played the nature theatre Kersouwe in Heeswijk-Dinther. The Kersouwe lies in sumptuous surroundings. There is a small theatre and large, and in that last played The Dubliners. It had been filled to the brim, so much that the organizers had asked publicly that the audience should move together in order to host all of the crowd. [...] Patsy has been part of The Dubliners since previous year and that has had also influence on the repertoire. Thus he sings The Ferryman and his old hit Dublin In The Rare Auld Times, and a tribute to the most famous member ever of The Dubliners, Luke Kelly. Two numbers for and concerning him: The Dublin Minstrel and Paddy Works On The Railway. [...] After his broken hip of a couple year ago, Barney walks with difficulty, but he uses the banjo with liveliness, and also Eamonn Campbell works his way enthusiastically across the stage.[...] In the second set brought the well-known classics, such as South Australia, Finnegan's Wake, The Rocky Road To Dublin and The Leaving of Liverpool. These are mostly sung along by the crowd, which turns the evening into a party.

Full review at Folkforum Netherlands!

Report: Turnhout, Belgium, July 8, 2006 (2)

Here's the second part of Ria's review:

The Dubliners performed between 22:00-23:30 (without a break). The Turnhout public was a mixture of all ages but it particulary struck me that there were more young people, in comparison to the concert-hall public. There was a lot of variety in the program. Sean sang a beautiful ballad in Gaelic and to my delight the "Rocky Road to Dublin", which I hadn't heard life for a very long time! It was splendid. So were Patsy's "Rare Ould Times", (a marvellous song, that is quite accessible to be sung by a not native English speaking public) - "Poor Paddy on the Railway" with an amusing part of acting by Patsy. Barney sings his well known "I wish I had some one to love me" so convincingly, that some ladies feel like giving him a big hug. John got a lot of applause for his own composition "The Marino Waltz" and as always Barney, Eamonn and John created an exciting atmosphere with several reels and dance-music. As I was standing at only 4 meters distance from the platform, Eamonn's masterly skill on the guitar was even more striking! It was very much appreciated by the audience.
In contrast to the possibilities for a public in comfortable red velvet seets, during an open air concert one can move (even dance a little bit), wave, sing and shout as loudly as he feels like. That is why true Dubliners' fans keep on going for ever to their concerts: singing and clapping together with them is so much fun!!

Report: Turnhout, Belgium, July 8, 2006 (1)

Ria from Belgium send in a pack of photos and some wonderful comments about the Turnhout gig we'd like to share with you:

The most recent concerts of the Dubliners in Belgium were in concert halls in Brussels or Antwerp, so this year's open air was a nice change!
Turnhout is a country town in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. The setting was picturesque: the central market place, boarded by the church in red brick on one side and plenty of pavement-cafés (terraces as we say in Belgium) on the other sides. What is so interesting about an open-air concert is the fact that you can see everything from the beginning: the arrival of the artists, the testing of the technical equipment etc. So, we not only saw them in their typical elegant shirts but also assisted at their rehearsal, Patsy and Eamonn in comfortable t-shirts. Time flew by and for the fans who were there very early, so as to be able stand in the first row, with every passing hour, the tension grew. At 20:30 the concert started with the Cluricauns, a folk-rock group originating of Turnhout.

In addition to the shot here, there are two more photos of Eamonn and Patsy from the soundcheck in our gallery.
2006 gallery

Fusion Of Trad & Folk: Monto

We rarely do this (actually, we never did it) but since the man himself has asked us, we gladly obey: Patsy heard MONTO, a new band of four young lads, last week in Hollystown and was very impressed by them and enjoyed their performance. They just have their debut single out. Patsy reckons they will be huge, especially in the USA. Monto played last Friday at the 70.000 audience Oxygen festival. Their press release mentions both him and his idol, so he looked at them with a benevolent eye from the start:

Luke Kelly and the Dubliners, Patsy Watchorn and his Ramblers, The Clancy Brothers, out of countless talents in every generation only few make it to lasting stardom. Some are more than just talented but, gifted and additionally possess the charisma, the wit and the art to perform and the ability to please an audience. We have discovered such talents for nowadays youth, the current generation of Trad/Ballad lovers.

Listen to a sample of their single

Florø Nights (5)

This is our final update about the Florø gig in Norway on June 16!

For all of you who haven't seen the (as of fall 2005) new member of the Dubs performing till now, we have Patsy Watchorn and one of his favourite songs about Luke Kelly today - a 2 minute video of The Dublin Minstrel, or, as Patsy only calls it, The Red-Haired Minstrel Boy.

So here are the boyz with the new kid on the block!
The Red-Haired Minstrel Boy (The Dubs live in Florø 2006)

Netherlands/Belgium Open Airs: Dubs On Their Way

Latest report from Dublin International Airport: The Dubliners are on their way and really looking forward to those two gigs. US tourists recognized the band and shouted over, "Hey, that's Barney McKenna of The Dubliners!" and Barney's quips had everyone in stitches. We can assure the fans awaiting them this weekend: All instruments are packed, vocal chords well oiled, the lads in good temper. Be prepared for the craic!

Dubs Team Celebrated

Who will do the entertainment when the Dubs team is being celebrated? You got it. Like in past years, Patsy always is there at all functions for his favourite team. Directly after arriving back from Skagen with the Dubs at 6:30 PM, he went to Hollystown where the fundraiser took place. He opened with The Ferryman and also sang Up The Dubs and Dirty Old Town. Gerry O'Connor played a few tunes, then Patsy closed the performance with Dublin In The Rare Auld Times.

The Dubliners At RTÉ's Radio 1

On June 29, 2006, The Dubliners appeared at the Tonight With Vincent Browne radio program on RTÉ Radio 1. It was the season finale so it was party night - it went out live from the The Forty Foot Bar in Dun Laoghaire. John read the poem he wrote about Luke Kelly for his 21st anniversary last year and Patsy sang The Red Haired Minstrel Boy. John had a few words with Vincent about Luke Kelly (like being asked when John first heard Luke sing) and was joined by Michael Howard on guitar to play a Hornpipe that Michael composed. Later in the programme, John, Barney and Micheal played the Marino Waltz, John gave a nice plug to the upcoming Irish tour. They finished off the show with Patsy singing The Ferryman, Vincent Browne and all his other guests including Derek Davis, a long time friend of Patsy's (thanks For The Fishing Tips), sang along.
Listen to the show now! (RealPlayer required)

Top Five Downloads June 2006

The very same chart like in May! We have much more music to download, check the link!
1. A Nation Once Again
2. The Irish Republican Army
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Dublin Town In 1962
5. Sean South Of Garryowen
All the music downloads we have!

Florø Nights (4)

This is our second-to-last Florø news update with two more shots, these taken by Bente, including a great one of John, Eamonn and Barney. Hop over to our gallery for larger versions of these images, and be prepared for the last part of this series soon!

Florø Nights (3)

This is the third installment of our Florø Nights series, again showcasing great pics by Per Jappee! The lads made the headlines already upon arrival - Firdaposten reported (calling them 'Old Heroes' and displaying another photograph from the airport):

They can be counted as veterans at the Herring table, and they are looking forward to this evenings concert. The group have been together for 43 years, and are with other words well co-ordinated. This Friday evening they will serve us with Irish folk music both during the herring table, and outside in the backyard of the Quality hotel.

Patsy himself, being rather busy with more Dubliners promotional work, still could be called for a short comment:

Great, great people. Cool weather (that's why we played with the jackets on). Beautiful scenery. Lovely!

Large images of all 4 shots pictured in our gallery!

Florø Nights (2)

As promised yesterday, here are more shots from Florø. This time it's Patsy and John from a 'miniconcert' in the afternoon in Florø`s main street. Do we see a trend here, both of them in black and blue? Wonder what the other lads wore that night!

Visit our gallery for larger versions of these shots.
Please note that starting yesterday, the images in the gallery are now significantly larger for even more enjoyment!

And come back soon for Part Three of our Florø Nights!

Florø Nights (1)

We received word from Per about the Floro gig last weekend (June 16) and are going to serve this to you in several parts - come back tomorrow for the second part!

The first photo here is from the arrival at the Florø airport on Thursday night. The second is from a late night session with the 2 Bridies girls Brenda and Máira. They did a 20 minutes concert in the middle of Florø`s main street, and then moved on to another gig in the backyard of the hotel were they stayed. Played for about 2 hours. Then the happening moved inside were the Bridies did a spectacular gig. This new band deserves every attention as they can get.

Report: Roermond, Netherlands, October 2, 2005 (2)

We continue with the second and last part of Luuk Lenders report from Roermond back in October 2005. We enclose two backstage shots from Oct. 2nd, which you can check out larger sized in our gallery. But let's hear what Luuk has to say:
The people sang enthusiasticaly along, it was great. And Eamonn...: a great, energetic guitar-player with a great feeling for the songs and improvisation in the instrumentals. They are all great individualists, but it is also a close group, and that the people feel too. The evening ended with the Irish Rover sung by Patsy, and the people were enthusiastic and wanted more and more. Finally, the Dubliners ended with Molly Mallone, the beautiful song of Cockles and Mussels. After the concert a nice pint, and buying beautiful CD's of the Dubliners, Luke or Patsy... I had a chat with the Dubliners, and they have signed my cd's. Before I went home,
I played 'Among Friends' for John on my whistle, that was a wish of mine. He liked my version of his composition, which made me very happy. And after still a pint or two, and a song of Barney: 'I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day', I was going home, with a great feeling. Keep it on, your great playing and entertainment! I hope to see you again very soon!

Luke Kelly - The Performer: A Review

Mentioning Luke yesterday, we thought it is a good time to remind everybody about the wonderful DVD 'Luke Kelly - The Performer' which is available now for some months.

Those who own it know why we recommend it, those who don't are reminded herewith:
The performances included are a first-class testimonial of one of the greatest ever. If you need some more convincing, there is a detailed review posted at irishblogs.ie - please follow the link below!
Luke Kelly - The Performer: Review

Michael Flatley & Luke Kelly

Luke is never forgotten and today we serve you one of those tiny bits of trivia the real fans love so much:

Michael Flatley's latest masterpiece Celtig Tiger, a show which you gotta see anyway, has a number where famous Irish people are displayed.

And in the midst between presidents and sports stars, there suddenly appears a giant stage-wide picture of Luke Kelly in intense performance. Any fan of Luke will be proud to see that. And, as we mentioned, the show is pure magic.

Urgent Notice: Patsy's June Gigs Cancelled

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Patsy Watchorn has to cancel the remainder of his appearances at The Lower Deck in Portobello, Dublin. The gig last Saturday on June 3rd was the only one he played. This step became necessary due to his commitment to The Dubliners: More gigs and promotional appearances at radio stations have come up very short-termed, promoting the upcoming gigs in Northern Ireland among others. We extremly regret to disappoint the the home-based fans, still we hope for your understanding that Patsy won't let down Barney, John, Séan and Eamonn!

Dubliners In Florø 2006

We have more info about the June 16 gig in Norway, thanks to our friend Per who translated the announcement found on the Rockeklubben website:

The world's most legendary Irish band will visit us again. These boys have been here before so we know what we will get. In fact the most beloved and famous irish traditional music there is. This is music we have heard in numerous versions before, but the difference is that we will have the originals on stage. They will visit cities all over Europe this summer and the tour is called "It's too late to stop now tour". That should explain that these guys will never quit. Expect nostalgia and warm humour.

And Aina Tonheim of the local tourist board informed us:

It starts at 21:00. You have to order tickets in advance to be sure to get 'em. You should also order a place to stay now, because this weekend is a festival from Thursday to Saturday. On Friday we have the world's biggest herring table; the food and drinks are for free.

See our Patsy live page and also check out the tourist board website:
Vestkysten Reiseliv AS

Top Five Downloads May 2006

1. A Nation Once Again
2. The Irish Republican Army
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Dublin Town In 1962
5. Sean South Of Garryowen
All the Watchorn downloads we got - click here!

Dubliners: Strib, Denmark - April 22, 2006 (2)

There is a small three-picture-gallery of photographs from April 22, 2006, on the "God Underholdende Folkemusik" website; please click below. We reported about the Strib gig (with a handful more pics to see) earlier on April 25, 2006.
GUF Strib gallery

Collecting The Dubliners

Now is the time for all good men (and the girls too, for sure) to respond to this official inquiry: Are you collecting The Dubliners and/or Patsy Watchorn since Donkey's years? Have you amassed a huge collecting of rare stuff of all kinds? Then let us tell you: The Dubliners have after well over 40 years on the road (quite early for Irish standards, you might joke) started to build up their own collection. Let us know what you have - and best thing about it is: You'll get equally rare stuff in exchange. So read our new Collecting page now and get in touch!
Collecting The Dubs & Patsy

Dubliners: Tønsberg, Norway - April 25, 2006 (2)

'Icons from Ireland', titles Terje S. Knutsen in his article for the Tønsberg Blad and continues to write about the gig:

The bearded young men started singing about love, life, friendship and drunkenness in a pub in Dublin 1962. [...] And nearly a whole life later they still awake enthusiasm with their rough style and warm humour [...] In that sence it`s symptomatic that the band and the audience paid tribute to "Bjørn" who celebrated his 60th birthday at the concert last night, even though the Dubliners all the time have attracted new generations of fans. A rough tourlife have consumed a lot of the crew, so of the originals are only Barney McKenna and John Sheahan back ( "we have got some new ones, that is, they are used" as they explained) The "new" ones have blended in well, and in the audience was cooking with cheering, stamping and clapping between the songs, almost too much. "That's enough", said the boss, for to be able to introduce the next number.

Read the full review in Norwegian at the link below where you also find a beautiful shot. Thanks to Per Jappée for the translation!

Full Tønsberg review in Norwegian

Dubliners: Drammen, Norway - April 24, 2006 (2)

The 'Drammens Tidende' reported about the first of the Drammens gigs; for all Norwegian visitors, there is a link to the full review at the bottom of this news, but courtesy to Per Jappée, we can supply you with English translations as well. The review starts off with some good-hearted teasing about the ever-greying hairs and what not, but then goes down to it seriously and says among other things:

Though the age is against them, the Irish veterans surely stood up and delivered yesterday. Nearly 2 and a half hours with traditionals seemed to please the Drammen audience very much. [...] The only thing I really missed on this entertaining concert, where the band blended in instrumental jigs and reels to break up the traditional Irish songs, where the rawer drinking songs. The Dubliners have many of those, that have inspired The Pogues a lot. Rightfully, we got Whiskey... and I`m a rover (sic.) to the end, before the very last Dirty Old Town. But the audience was obviously very pleased, and I`m really impressed by their good humor and what a show the Dubliners still can deliver. Mandolin-duet(s), instrumental numbers on fiddle and tin whistle and alive hand drum, very virtuoso banjo playing, and even "Norwegian Wedding March" did we get between the classics. As for instance "I wish I was back in Liverpool (sic), The Galway races (sic), A Nation Once Again and The Spanish Lady. Although the personalities are constantly changing, the Dubliners continues to make it swing and cheer with their Irish music as if they just started yesterday. [...] No one knows them or does them better than The Dubliners. Keep on going!

Full Drammen review in Norwegian

Dubliners: Göteborg, Sweden - April 29, 2006

You can't please everybody, that's a known fact, and we prove it today. We report about two reviews of the Göteborg gig; the first one by Magnus Vasell can be read in full (and, mind you, in Swedish) by clicking here. Under the headline 'Good guys with love for the tradition', Magnus starts to offer The Best (The public responce to Dirty Old Town) and The Worst (Why is it so hard to turn off the mobile phones?) of the show in his opinion. He goes on kind of complaining that they have become somewhat older during the past 44 years (Gosh!) and that he expected more musical highlights; he aknowledges in the end that '[...] still is it an adventure to see the Dubliners. There is still a powerful, immortal, love to the music and the tradition.' About the 'missing highlights' in the program, he elaborates, and closes with a conciliatorily comment:

What should be in between are songs straight to the heart, but that occurs too seldom. But sometimes it does occur. And really strong too. As when the original member Barney M. [...] starts his banjo playing. There is power enough to run a small factory [...]. And when the old men together and with help from the audience go through the classics, the distance from the pub with foaming beer to the concert hall isn't far. And it is in that moment the expression 'Good old guys' suddenly gets a new meaning.

We now move to the second Göteborg review we got: It was posted at the Pogues forum by user Hellbeard and you would believe he was at a different show, but he wasn't:

I had one of the greatest evenings of my life. One I will never forget. It took place in the beautiful Göteborg concert hall. And The Dubliners (closing in on their 70ies) played for over 3 hours with a 20 minute break in the middle - for tea and cake, they said. The new guy, Patsy Watchorn, did an amazing job and kind of reminded me about Luke Kelly with all the charisma, his great voice and the 5 string banjo. It was very apparent he brought alot of energy into the band. The audience was very mixed.. and well.. there was alot of Pogues, Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy's shirts around. Bottomline is that I think The Dubliners only get better with the years. It really struck me what virtuosity Eamonn, John and Barney have on their instrument. And Patsy put alot of freshness into the band. I guess I should mention Sean as well - he sings very pretty in Irish and has a great charisma.. May they go on greying and playing for many years to come!

Let us close the Göteborg chapter by adding that Patsy remembers the gig vividly and that he was thrilled by the excitement of the crowd of 800. There are more fan comments about the tour in our guestbook. And if you're done there and still need more, you can find more Patsy and Dubliners reviews in our archives.

Patsy Watchorn Live In Dublin June 2006

It's official! Ireland's most beloved ballad voice is playing four nights at home! In between his tours with The Dubliners, Patsy is returning to The Lower Deck, Dublin! See Patsy live Saturday, June 3rd, at 'the Deck', a place filled with Ballad Era atmosphere to the brim, where the greatest names of the Irish ballad scene have enjoyed the song and the porter black. When Patsy looks out into the crowd, across the spotlights, be sure to be there when he's getting eye to eye with fans and friends! This June Summer Festival is for you, the loyal fans!

Note as of June 6: All gigs except June 3 cancelled - see June 6 news!

Patsy At The Lower Deck, February 25, 2006

On February 25, 2006, Patsy played a Thank You Party for all his fans at The Lower Deck in Portobello, Dublin, expressing his appreciation for many years of loyal following. Since joining the Dubliners, he hardly had played any solo gigs.
It was his own wish to go back there once more to personally thank all the great folks from Dublin and all the Irish counties from the North way over to California who repeatedly filled up the Deck on Saturday nights.
It was a highly emotional evening which was topped by Mandy and Patsy singing Luke Kelly's Land, leaving no eye in the house dry. Billy and his friends from Wales, old pals of Patsy, were there; fresh talent from Laois proved that the young can play the tunes as well; the audience sang along with the ballads Patsy had made famous.
At the end of the night, everything drowned in 'More! More! More' cries by the crowd.

Stay tuned for big news next week!

Dubliners: Malmo, Sweden - April 28, 2006

Sydsvenskan, a newspaper from Sweden, ran a review by Alexander Agrell of the Malmo gig. For everybody reading Swedish, there is a link below, but for the rest of us, Per Jappée was so nice to let us know what it says: It starts by commenting that, 'They filled the concert hall with pub mood. The Dubliners create contact with the public without using big finesses.', and went on to say that 'they are like old friends, though you haven't looked them into the white of their eyes.' There is some space devoted to Patsy as he's with the Dubs for the first time in Sweden and how nice his voice blends with Séan Cannon's voice. They seem to have a swedish tune ready when they play in Sweden which is called "Gårdebylåten". There is a small list of 'classics' played that night: Black Velvet Band, The Leaving Of Liverpool, All For Me Grog, Dirty Old Town, Whisky In The Jar, Seven Drunken Nights, The Wild Rover and Molly Malone. Finally, everybody understanding Swedish should check the bottom of the original title and find out what a lady in the audience called 'em...
The full review in Swedish

Report: Roermond, Netherlands, October 2, 2005 (1)

While the boyz are busy exciting their Scandinavian fans, Luke Lenders from the Netherlands sent a look back at last years' Dutch tour, specifically the Roermond concert on Oct. 2, 2005. Luke provided us with many nice pics, so we decided to split his report in two parts! As usual, check our photogallery for larger versions of these shots, and be sure to come back soon to read part two of his report! Here's what Luke wrote:

It was, like every year, an exciting evening. The concert began with the traditional-medley: Fermoy Lasses and Sporting Paddy. The audience was enthusiastic and Patsy played along with the bones. Every Dubliner was full of energy, and the new songs of Patsy were very nice: Ferryman, Rare Oul Times, Dublin Minstrel, God Save Ireland etc... The most beautiful song of Patsy that evening for me was Come To The Bower. Barney was not to stop with his special humour, and his solo was great. He is the king of the audience... John is a quiet, perfect player, and plays more songs on his whistle, and I like that. Sean had also beautiful songs, and he even sang a song in Dutch!


Top Five Downloads April 2006

1. A Nation Once Again
2. The Irish Republican Army
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Sean South Of Garryowen
5. Dublin Town In 1962
All the Watchorn downloads we got - click here!

Dubliners: Tønsberg, Norway - April 25, 2006 (1)

Sandwiched between two Drammen gigs, the boys rushed over to Tønsberg with a lorry-load of craic. Per Jappée, who also contributed the Drammen update, sent in pics of the 25th as well; note that all three pics can be viewed in our 2006 photo gallery in full size. Per commented about the gig:

Tonsberg was another very successful night. I must say that Watchorn is doing great with the audience, and also goes along great with the rest of the guys. And maybe best of all, brings back Luke in words and by singing his songs.

Dubliners: Drammen, Norway - April 24, 2006 (1)

Per Jappée from Norway sent in a series of great photographs from the very first Norwegian stop on this tour. Thank you! He also took the time to enclose a set list so we all know what they performed:

Fermoy lassies/Sporting Paddy
The banks of the Roses
Black velvet band
The Ferryman
Dublin in the rare ould times
The wonder hornpipe/Tim Maloney
Cill chais
Spanish lady
The Dublin minstrel
Paddy on the railway
I wish I had someone to love me
The old house
Maid behind the bar/The high reel
I`ll tell me ma
Kelly, the boy from Killane
South Australia
All for me grog
The sea captains/Mullingar races
Night visiting song
Rocky road to Dublin
Finnegan`s wake
The leaving of Liverpool
Marino waltz
Norwegian wedding march/?/Irish washerwoman
A nation once again
Whiskey in the jar
The wild rover
Dirty old town

Dubliners: Strib, Denmark - April 22, 2006 (1)

Tilman Virgin of the Folk Consortium is the first one to send a report from the current tour, and what great stuff he sent in! They travelled 300km from Hamburg to Middelfart, as he said, 'surely it was worth it'! Seems in Denmark, they celebrate the craic a bit like they do back in Ireland, but read yourself what he wrote:

The Danes, here the G.U.F., what means "good entertaining folkmusic" organize things in a different way. The "Stribhallen" is a room originally built for sport events. They have not only chairs as we know from Germany but tables the length of the room and the people may drink and smoke during the concert. And they did!

The boys were in great form, they really seemed to enjoy the first gig in Denmark for quite a while. Specially Patsy did a great job not only singing his songs and entertaining the crowd, but also playing bodhran and bones, adding a very special rhythm to the instrumentals. Honestly: I didn't expect a singer to play such a fine bodhran!

Sean gave us great pleasure singing "Cill Chais" and the fantastic "Sick Note". Beeing in Denmark I missed the German-English introduction a little bit. Well, since I met Sean and Sick-Note writer Pat Cooksey in the Hamburger "Fabrik" I wonder which of them started this language-mixing, they are both very good at it.

Barney was a highlight as he often is, joking about himself "This song is very easy, that's why I can sing it" (Heave Away), "It is an irish solo - two of us play the solo, we play 'the old house' maybe or ... or .... whatever I can remember, hope we play the same."
(You see: That's why I always long for news about Jim McCann's book!)

We too agreed, that the sound was much better than in Lübeck, despite of the fact this was a sport room and no concert hall. But obviously the technical team knew their work.

Also, many thanks to Tilman for the great photos he sent! You can find more Strib shots in our 2006 picture gallery!

Three More Summer Gigs: France & Ireland

Two more Dubliners gigs for July came in, on the 15th an open air near Lyon, France, and on the 21st they will appear at the Millenium Forum in Derry. In August, we have added the 6th, playing in Cork, to the calendar and this already looks like a great little Irish tour. See 'Patsy Live' for details. Note that the gig list now allows to sort the gigs ascending or descending by date.

The Dubliners Going To England 2006

Big surprise for all British fans of the Dubs! Since the usual spring tour fell through for one reason or other, inquiries have been tremendous.

Not letting their fans down, replacement gigs were sought:

Consequently, an October/November 2006 tour to England is organized and now official:

They will play 13 cities, please see 'Patsy Live' for details.

Note that, this being brand-new information, most venues do not have pages for ticket ordering online so please be patient a few days.

Scandinavian Tour Ahead

As you can see on our Patsy Live page, it's only a mere week until the boyz will tour Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and most performances are sold out or nearly sold out by now. There are some nice announcements to be found, one of those (from the venue in Arhus, Denmark) is quoted below:

The Dubliners - now with a new member: the Irish singer with the wonderful voice, Patsy Watchorn. [...] Since the late 60s, Patsy's unique voice could be heard on albums, festivals, concerts, tv and radio worldwide, and through the years he has become one of Ireland's most loved voices. - So what is more natural than mix one of Irelands greatest voices with one of the most legendary groups in the world - The Dubliners.

We'd like to thank Terje Øye for the translation; Terje runs a terrific Dubliners website you really should visit!
And to keep everybody informed here, we are looking for folks who find the time to email us a pic or two of any show you attend to - we will give you credit, of course!
Full Show Announcement (Danish)

Dubs: Summer Gig In Norway

The Dubliners will play Florø in Norway on June 16, 2006. Florø is a very small coastal town in Norway, approx. 5 hours drive north of Bergen, (westcoast - actually, they claim to be the most western city of Norway, see map here). According to Terje Øye, they have played there four times before; Ronnie and Eamonn have also been there in 2004 as part of The Hellfire Club. Our Patsy Live page is updated and contains a link to all the info you need in case you want to secure tickets for yourself.

Fraulein, Fraulein… Dubs German Tour 2006 Announced

Dubliners Tour 2006 GermanyKarsten Jahnke, the agency organising the Dubliners' German tours for many years, has announced this years tour. There are a few slight changes from the 2005 schedule. All the details are to be found on our Patsy Live page!

We consider it very suitable to give you - courtesy of the very generous support by Jim! - another sneak preview into Jim McCann's book about Barney McKenna's famous sayings, this one related to an earlier German tour:

Although Barney, like the rest of the band, acquired quite a few German phrases after the Dubliners had been touring there for a number of years, it seems that early on his mastery of the language was patchy, to say the least.
As the Dubliners were preparing with great anticipation for their first German tour, a lady friend of Barney’s asked him if he’d take her along for the trip.
"Ah no", said Barney, "I don’t think so. Sure I’ll be chasin’ the Fluorines."

Dubliners in Paderborn Nov. 28, 2005

Dubs in Paderborn 2005While waiting for the German tour to be officially confirmed and announced, we came across an archive of images from Paderborn in Germany, where the Dubliners played on November 28, 2005.

Those are mostly audience shots, pics from outside the venue, the shopping area, but also a handful of stage shots.

The link below takes you to a series of 27 pictures all in all.

These image servers are part of the website of the Neue Westfaelische newspaper.

Check our news index and the picture gallery for more reports and photographs from last years' tour to Germany.
Paderborn November 2005 photos

Top Five Downloads March 2006

Here are the most downloaded songs for March, but don't forget that we have lotsa more for you in our downloads section!
1. Dublin In My Tears
2. A Nation Once Again
3. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. The Irish Republican Army
5. Dublin Town In 1962
Click here for even more downloads!

Patsy At Ireland AM Today (2)

Patsy at TV3, Jan. 26. 2006Here's finally a photograph from Patsy's interview at TV3 on January 26, 2006 (we reported on January 26).
It was the part where Patsy was asked about his first tour to the States in 1972. He went on to explain that the tour manager never showed up in Boston, so they had to ask other people for favours that their trip to the next gig in New York was secured; the guy eventually showed up there, but the tour was only to small places like little pubs so in the end, Patsy came back after nearly two weeks with a whooping US$ 39.00

Glasgow January 2006 Again

Dubs in Glasgow 2006; also see January 30 newsYour webadmin just came across another review of the Glasgow gig in January: Richard Leyton has put some nice comments in his online diary, worth reading and especially praising Barney; here's a quote but be sure to hop over and read the full review:

The music was superb, and so full of energy and dynamism, it was clear that the band were enjoying themselves every bit as much as the audience. They may have been going for five decades, but it didn’t show one bit. Every tune - some of which I was familiar with - was played with gusto and passion. The Dubliners proved to be an excellent choice, and well worth going to see. They said they hoped to be invited back next year: I think it’d be a huge shame if they weren’t.

Dubliners Going To France

Shortly before coming to Austria, the boyz will visit a music festival taking place in the Normandie, France.

They will appear at the l'île Tatihou on August 27, 2006.

This easily may turn out as the only concert in France in 2006, therefore all the French fans who do not want to travel abroad should seriously consider attending this gig.

John Sheahan In Vienna, March 2006

John Sheahan, Poldi & Hans Theessink <br>© 2006 Agentur Milica, Vienna, AustriaOn Friday, March 3, Hans Theessink, the world's best blues guitar player, played the opening night at a brand new live music venue in Vienna, Austria, Poldi's Music Line im Vogel Keller (on the Josefstaedter Strasse, for everybody who knows his way around Vienna.)
As a big surprise, John Sheahan and Eric Trauner (of the renowned Mojo Blues Band) were present and jumped on stage for a jam session, making it an unforgettable evening! See our pic of John, Poldi and Hans! In case you want to attend a gig at the Music Line, be sure to book in advance! Thanks to Milica for the news!

Dubliners At Skagen Festival 2006

The Dubs' summer schedule, the most active in years, is coming together gig by gig. The prestigious Skagen Festival (Denmark) will see the band perform on Sunday, July 2nd. So, in case you missed them during the Spring Tour to Denmark, Norway and Sweden, you may want to catch 'em in the summer. And, as Peer Anderson, Programme Director told us:

The Dubliners will perform 2/7 together with David Munnelly Band (IRL) and Eric Bogle/John Munro from Australia. It will be a fantastic evening.

Diba Announces Two More Dubs Concerts

Diba has announced two more Dutch Dubliners gigs:

These are not part of the fall tour, but take place the second weekend in July; both are open air concerts. For details see our Patsy Live page!

Jim McCann: Barneyisms!

Barney McKenna & Jim McCannAs an world exclusive, we deliver a first glimpse at the long and eagerly awaited book about Barney McKenna's witty, funny, wise-cracking quotes - in other words, the definitive collection of Barney McKenna’s amazing sayings. Before anything else, we like to thank Jim McCann, who, as most of you know, is working on the book, and who has shared a few bits with us. Consequently we share these with you! The current status of the book is 'still in production'; besides writing, there is a lot more administrative and business stuff to be taken care of, so we can not give you a publication date yet.
We start with a short anecdote taking place at the famous O’Donoghue's:

This same lady friend used to often accompany Barney to O’Donoghue’s pub, and often didn’t see him again for the rest of the evening while Barney was at the centre of a crowd of musicians in the “back room”, enjoying one of the wonderful sessions for which that pub became famous.
Naturally, whenever any of the Dubliners was present, the pub was so full that moving around became almost impossible. One night, Barney shouldered his way through the crush and, to the lady’s astonishment, triumphantly placed a creamy pint of Guinness in front of her. Her astonishment was understandable, as Barney was not known for such solicitude towards his guests, or indeed for any compulsion to buy a drink at all. "Oh, thank you, Barney," she said with a degree of bemusement, "That’s very sweet of you". "No problem", said Barney gallantly. "It was for Joe Leary, but he’s drinkin’ Beamish."

Come back soon to read another sneak preview generously submitted by Jim McCann.
Jim McCann Website

Dubliners Visiting The Kingdom Of Kerry

Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney, KerryWhat a week - an update each day and more news is coming in constantly!
On Saturday, August 5, 2006, the Dubs will play one of the leading hotels in Ireland: The Gleneagle Hotel, in Killarney. The hotel has a Gleneagle Summer Cabaret each year with big names like Adrian Knight, Brendan Bowyer or Johnny McEvoy and this year the Dubliners will appear there; in case the west is asleep, it will be woken up in August!
Tickets availabe from Ticketmaster (click 'Patsy Live'), please note the rather unusual showtime of 21:30.

Milica's Boys: The Dubliners In Austria 2006

Dubliners Tour 2006 AustriaThe Dubliners will be back for their favourite holidays in Austria starting Saturday, September 2nd. Feldbach in Styria is on the list this year and Slovenia isn't added to the tour, otherwise the tour looks very similar to what it did last year - that includes five glorious nights at the Metropol in Vienna again! Please note that tickets aren't available as of date and for Feldbach, the venue (in past years it had been the Mehrzweckhalle) is not confirmed yet. Also, we expect Germany 2006 to be confirmed shortly. And for everbody new here: Our News Archive and our Photo Gallery contain lots of articles and pictures of the Dubliners to browse through.
The Dubliners 2006

The Dubliners Playing Belfast July 2006

Waterfront Hall Auditorium, BelfastGig by gig, the Dubliners schedule for 2006 is confirmed. On July 22, 2006, the Dubs will play at the Waterfront Hall Auditorium in Belfast, NI. The Waterfront is an oustanding venue (check their website for details) offering a perfect setting for concerts so it may be exactly what our English fans want - hop over to Belfast, because, as reported earlier, there will be no British tour this year.
Waterfront Hall Auditorium, Belfast

Patsy & Daniel O'Donnell

Boy, do we get some questions lately! We try to answer as many and as fast as we can, sometimes also sharing the answers here for everybody - just in case...
Recently, we were asked if Patsy had done any shows with Daniel O'Donnell:
He has never done any concerts together with Daniel, but they were appearing in a big show about 15 years ago after each other, in London. Joe Dolan also was there. Daniel came out a nice fellow. Patsy met him several more times through the years. But usually he sees "Jamsie", Daniel's brother, more often, who - until very recently - owned the Portobello Pub & Hotel, which is just across the road from the Lower Deck, where Patsy gigged many years.

Dubliners Limerick Gig For August Confirmed

University Concert Hall UCH LimerickAnother Irish summer gig for the Dubs is confirmed and tickets are on sale already: On August 3, 2006 (showtime 08:00 P.M.), The Dubliners will appear at the 1.000-seat University Concert Hall in Limerick.
For your ticket, phone the UCH at 061-331549. It has been ages since the band performed in that area of Ireland, so we expect to go tickets fast - therefore, be sure to order soon to avoid disappointment!
Limerick University Concert Hall

Top Five Downloads February 2006

For the very first time ever, we have exactly the same chart as in the previous month. Leading the pack is one of the most beautiful ballads ever recorded, Patsy's version of 'Dublin In My Tears' from his 'Hearts On Fire' album:
1. Dublin In My Tears
2. The Irish Republican Army
3. Sean South Of Garryowen
4. A Nation Once Again
5. Dublin Town In 1962
Full list of downloads!

Vicar Street, July 2006 Confirmed

Vicar Street LogoThe Dubliners return to Dublin! Popular demand after their highly successfull appearance at the Dubmarine Bar back in December was overwhelming, so they are back in the summer, between their big tours.

Tickets are on sale for their July 23, 2006, gig at Vicar Street, at € 39.00; purchase these now through Ticketmaster and other usual outlets nationwide. Booking Line: 0818 719 390.

Dubliners Tours 2006: Preview

Dubliners Tour 2006 Denmark, Norway, SwedenWe are receiving numerous requests for The Dubliners' tours of 2006. There actually is a tentative schedule, but exact dates and venues are still changing and being negotiated, so it would be too confusing to put ever-changing info online now, so we only want to point very generally at what you can expect this year:
Mid-June: Spain
July: Possibly a few gigs in Ireland and the occasional festival in Scandinavia
August: A few more Irish dates
September: Starting as usual in Austria, probably with more dates added than in previous years; plus possibly a festival in Ireland mid-September.
October: The Netherlands
November/December: Germany, with more dates added than last year.

The Dubs At The Submarine 2005 (4)

© 2006 Rare Auld Times Entertainment, Dublin, IrelandWe keep entertaining you here until the Dubs get back on stage again! Here's our next December 12, Submarine photograph featuring four of the lads: Barney, John, Patsy and Eamonn.

Shooting them at the packed Submarine was not that easy, but in this one you can see part of the huge screen that was displaying the band so that also the folks sitting in the background of the upper floors can see the show.

A larger version of this pic can be viewed in our online gallery here.

Dubliners Tour 2006 Denmark Norway Sweden

Dubliners Tour 2006 Denmark, Norway, SwedenThe Dubliners will play 14 gigs in Scandinavia, starting April 22 in Strib, Middelfart, and closing the tour on May 7 in Aahus.
As of writing, the venue of May 2nd is unknown to your webadmin.

Barney, John, Eamonn, Séan and Patsy cordially invite you to come along for the craic and will be happy to entertain you! Like with previous gigs, we are looking for folks who find the time to email us a pic or two of any show you attend to - we will give you credit, of course!
See our gig list (Patsy Live) for details!
The Dubliners In Scandinavia 2006

The Dubs At The Submarine 2005 (3)

Barney McKenna and John Sheahan © 2006 Rare Auld Times Entertainment, Dublin, IrelandOur third December 12, Submarine shot features Barney and John masterfully holding the audience spellbound with their art. The Submarine audience got banjo and fiddle solos as well as a mandolin duet.

Barney made them cheer and holler with his banjo and the numerous tunes he - often very surprisingly - pulls out of his sleeve in fast succession, and John even brought a little piece of Vienna over through his waltzes.

A larger version of this pic can be viewed here.

Top Five Downloads January 2006

We start into the new year with a new number one!
1. Dublin In My Tears
2. The Irish Republican Army
3. Sean South Of Garryowen
4. A Nation Once Again
5. Dublin Town In 1962
Every download we have!

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Review

The Dubliners, 22 January 2006, Glasgow © 2006 Dan Cullen, IrelandDan The Man and Terry from Athenrye keep us informed about the Glasgow gig: Dan wrote "Glasgow was brilliant, a great concert and loads of craic" and Terry sent a longer review:

In the past 20 years I've seen the Dubliners three times in different venues around Scotland. Like every other Irish ballad singer before me, I worshiped Luke Kelly and could identify with his rebellious nature and deep love for Ireland and it's traditions.

It was around 1980 that I first heard The Dublin City Ramblers album 'The Ferryman' and was immediately hooked on the sound of Patsy Watchorn's voice. I bought every subsequent Ramblers album and immersed myself in their music.

Since then I have followed Patsy's career and have witnessed an incredible rise in his popularity in the past 10 years. His albums have enjoyed massive success and my own personal favourite is Irish Rebel Heroes where he interprets some classic ballads. No other Irish ballad singer, with the exception of Derek Warfield or Luke Kelly, can interpret an Irish rebel ballad with the same level of passion as Patsy Watchorn.

When I heard the news that Paddy Reilly had left The Dubliners I was delighted to hear that Patsy was to replace him. I have long since thought that he was always a natural for the job. It has been a subject of great debate between myself and many other musicians throughout the last few years.

On Sunday 22 January 2006 I attended the Royal Concert hall with ex-Athenrye member James McGinley who is also a great admirer of Patsy. The show started off like other Dub's show I've attended but after Sean Cannon had sung The Black Velvet Band and The Banks Of The Roses it was time for Patsy to take the spotlight.

I had actually forgotten how deep and rich his voice is when performing live and he had the crowd on his side immediately when he sang The Ferryman and Dublin In The Rare Auld Times. John Sheahan recited a self penned poem in memory of Luke Kelly and Patsy sang the Dublin Minstrel. His rendition of the Fields of Athenry brought the house down and A Nation Once Again was sung with great pride and passion by everyone in the concert hall. He definetely still has a great stage presence and command and was at ease with the 3000 sell-out crowd.

The sound, lighting and performance were faultless and really what you'd expect from a world class venue and very professional musicians. It's really great to see Patsy back at the top of his game and where he belongs!

We owe this wonderful news entry to Dan Cullen, who provided the photograph, and Terry Manton, lead singer of Irish rebel band Athenrye, who wrote the review; if you're interested in Athenrye, follow the link below. Thank you lads!
The Athenrye Band Website

Patsy At Ireland AM Today

Ireland AM, TV3Relaxed, witty, charming - Patsy was brilliant today at TV3's Ireland AM. We can not talk about it without mentioning the Ireland AM staff: We'd like to pass on Patsy's sincere Thanks to all concerned on Ireland AM, especially Mark Cagney and Maura Derrane who made him very relaxed and welcome, he really enjoyed the interview. It took us in a time capsule through a life-long career - he told about the days with the Dublin City Ramblers he formed with Mick Crotty, The Rare Auld Times (he was testing our Patsyana knowledge a bit when it came to the year of this one), going solo in 1995 and keeping on collecting awards and playing prestigious places up to joining The Dubliners recently.
TV3's Ireland AM

Newsflash: Patsy Watchorn Live On TV

Last minute news flash, just came in:

Patsy Watchorn will be live on TV tomorrow, January 26, 2006, at 08:15 AM, at TV3's Ireland AM. There won't be much singing although you will be treated to some music from the man, but mostly Mark Cagney will interview him about his career, his latest platinum disc, the gigs at the Lower Deck and about joining The Dubliners.
One word if you're Irish: Watch!
TV3's Ireland AM

Dubliners Tour Sampler 2005: Interview

Dubliners Tour Sampler 2005The latest release by The Dubliners, the first one to feature Patsy, is The Dubliners Tour Sampler 2005, produced for and sold mainly during the German tour last December.

We talked to Eamonn Campbell, who produced it, and Patsy, who recorded for the very first time with The Dubs.

You'll find out where the songs originate from, why these have been selected, how the studio work went along and much more in our exclusive January 2006 interview!
Click here to read the full interview!

By Popular Demand: Back At The Deck

The Lower Deck, DublinPatsy simply could not overlook the huge demand from the Dublin fan base anymore. After months of appearing outside of Ireland only and travelling across Europe, the Irish fans are crying loudly for Patsy to gig 'at home' again!
After enjoying a prolonged break around Christmas, the first in many years, he will be back in Dublin for five Saturday nights: Patsy will appear at the Lower Deck in Portobello, Dublin, every Saturday night from January 28 to February 25, 2006.
If you are suffering from Watchorn Withdrawal Symptoms, the cure has arrived: Don't miss out these Saturdays before Patsy is back on the road with the Dubliners!
The Lower Deck

The Dubs At The Submarine 2005 (2)

Patsy Watchorn in the middle, left Ronnie Drew, right Eamonn Campbell © 2006 Rare Auld Times Entertainment, Dublin, IrelandOur second December 12, Submarine shot displays a typical Patsy Watchorn scene: Patsy, always happy to communicate with the audience, talking to the crowd in words, song and gestures - needless to say, his fans love the attention he is devoting to them. The ground floor of the Submarine turned out to be the Watchorn floor, filled to the brim with friends and fans.

Left to Patsy is Ronnie Drew who filled in for Séan Cannon that night, right is Eamonn Campbell.

A larger version of this pic can be viewed here.

FolkWorld Reviews Irish Rebel Heroes

IRH coverPatsy's latest solo release Irish Rebel Heroes was reviewed by FolkWorld and they put down a short but nice review quoting "who's the man to do the old rebel song better than Patsy Watchorn, the Irish balladeer who tirelessly follows the path of the likes of Luke Kelly and Frank McCann.".
About Patsy, they sum it up nicely:

In 1969 Patsy formed The Quare Fellas whose first album depicted the group inside a prison cell of Dublin's Kilmainham Jail. Ten years ago he left The Dublin City Ramblers and went solo on the pub music circuit. So Patsy came full circle.

Follow the link below to the full review.
FolkWorld review of Irish Rebel Heroes

The Dubs At The Submarine 2005 (1)

Eamonn Campbell with Traci Watchorn and Carol WatchornOver the next few days, we finally supply you with a few glimpses at the December 12, 2005, fundraising gig the Dubliners played at the Submarine Bar in Crumlin.

We start off with an off-stage shot of Mr. Walkinstown himself, Eamonn Campbell, happily chatting with Patsy's daughters Traci and Carol. Eamonn organized the whole event and the evening was a smashing success.

A larger version of this pic can be viewed in the 2005 section of our photo gallery.

Braunschweig December 1: It's Too Late To Stop

The Dubliners, Braunschweig, Germany, 1 December 2005, © 2005 Peter H. GorekWe almost forgot to tell you about this one: On December 3, the "Braunschweiger Zeitung" featured an article by Matthias Adrion about the Dubliners concert in Braunschweig (Dec. 1); it was a most favorable review of which we'd like to translate a few quotes; our German readers will be able to read the full review at the link below. The article was titled It's Too Late To Stop and reported mostly about Barney and Patsy:

"He is ein klein bisschen gebraucht, aber in excellent condition." (He is a little bit used, but in excellent conditon): The item appraised by John Sheahan in his typical German-English lingo like the sale of a used car is in reality named Patsy Watchorn. He is the latest member of the legendary Irish folk group. [...] It is indeed a old-venerable family, into which Watchorn marries: The old gentleman musicians do not only play the Irish Folk for over 40 years, to a certain extent they have invented it - at least for the non-Irish world.
Already optically Watchorn joins the full-bearded troop in the best way owing to its silver-grey face hair. And then this voice: Weighty, smokey [..] you can feel it covibrate in your stomach. [...] Watchorn brings a fresh breeze to the Dubliners, [...], and after recent years with the three guitars of Seán Cannon, Eamonn Campbell and Paddy Reilly, the ensemble playing is enriched and multifaceted through Watchorns Banjo.[...] Big jubilation was not only given to Watchorn's band debut, but also to Barney McKenna, [...] who was celebrated frenetically in the first set of the concert already. [...]On the strings of his banjo, McKenna seemeed nimbler than ever before.[...]He surprised with I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me, a most sentimental love song – which yielded him the nick "Romeo McKenna" from his taunting peers.
The full article in German

All-Time Top Five Downloads

The beginning of the year is the time to do our yearly updated all-time download chart, so here we go with the most popular downloads ever!
1. Dublin In My Tears
2. Hearts On Fire
3. The Irish Republican Army
4. Dublin Town In 1962
5. Sean South Of Garryowen
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Top Five Downloads December 2005

We close the year with almost the same chart as last month - the no. 1 spot is unchanged:
1. A Nation Once Again
2. The Irish Republican Army
3. Rare Auld Times
4. Sean South Of Garryowen
5. Dublin In My Tears
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