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Merry Christmas From The Dubliners

1.12.2007 German Tour Finish: "Thank you Hamburg!"

Our man in Germany (and leading Dubliners archivist!) Gerhard Braas penned a report about the annual highlight of the German tour, the gig in Hamburg. We got Gerhard's report and a handful of pics - even Harriet of The Dubliners management sent in a few photographs, so you are invited to check it out herF: Thank you Hamburg 2007 report

Kiel Again!

Tilman of The Folk Consortium sent us a whole lotta pics and a handful notes about the concert on 29th November 2007 in Kiel. Please check our our gallery for the photographs and read below what he told us abut the gig - thx Tilman!

The Kiel gig is ingeniously great. It's very special to sit front row as the stage only is about 30cm (ca. 12inch), right opposite the lads, not much different from having a session in a living room. It was a terrific birthday concert: In the second set, John congratulated the birthday boys Sean und Eamonn, Patsy, along with the audience, sang "Happy Birthday". Sean quipped that there is a song fitting to the occasion and promptly sang "Young Maids Never Wed an Old Man". Barney performed his incomparable "Fiddlers Green", John and Eamonn celebrated "Hens March to the Midden", all songs of our wish list were performed, wonderful!

Dubs Make The Irish News

Making a special appearance at the Royal Hospital in Donnybrook, Dublin, or attending a viewing of 'O'Donoghue's Opera' at the Irish Film Institute (IFI) in Dublin, our lads are busy bees shortly before Christmas. The Irish Independent reported about all this yesterday, so please follow our link below to read the full article. Independent article 12th December 2007

That Old Dubs Magic

The Kieler Nachrichten have a touching review of the 29th November gig at the Kieler Schloss. It is, of course, in German, but a rewarding read, that mentions the birthday serenade for Seán and Eamonn, indulges in all the favorite ballads and tunes (The Auld Triangle still is on the list) and finds a lot of nice and well-said words (Carsten Purfürst who wrote the review very obviously loves The Dubliners), so, if you can read German, follow the the link below. If you don't, still click, as there's a photograph as well...
Kieler Nachrichten Direct Review Link

Switzerland 2008

It's been many years since The Dubliners performed in Switzerland - according to our files, it was in September 1999.

But the Swiss fans have something to look out now: They will play at the Schutzenhaus Albisguetli in Zurich.

UPDATE: This gig is now confirmed for 27th March 2008.

Additional Gig At Vicar Street

Oh to all thou who have missed to get their tickets for 30th December (Dublin, Vicar Street) in time: There is an additional gig on 29th December. Tix available at Ticketmaster.

Karsten We Know You For Half Of Your Lifetime

Karsten Jahnke, as many of you will know, brings The Dubliners to Germany since Donkeys' years; in fact, since their very first tour to Germany 35 (yessir, thirty-five) years ago, Karsten Jahnke was, still is and will be the man behind these tours.

He celebrated his 70th anniversary in style last week on 22nd November (the craic was mighty, believe me you) in Hamburg and The Dubliners were among the many present. Gerhard Braas was there and reports - get the readout here!

Duesseldorf 11th November Report

Aren't we lucky!
Peter & Barbara as well as Heike supplied us with information and photography from the 11th November 2007 gig in Duesseldorf in the newly restorated Tonhalle. The fans got a marvelous show including The Auld Triangle, which was re-introduced into the Dubs program just a few days ago.

Without further ado, let us invite you to our Duesseldorf 2007 report, thanks to Barbara & Peter & Heike!

Ria Reports From Belgium

Before we continue our German tour reporting, we better catch up with this early October report and photographs Ria Voet sent us: She attended the 7th October performance in Antwerp, wrote a review, went backstage, took some shots and supplied us with all that, so please check out her Antwerp report!

Kaiserslautern Photo Gallery

On 8th November 2007, the lads played the Kammgarn in Kaierslautern, Germany. Rudi Brand took his camera with him and put a fabulous photo album onlinF: There are 31 pictures online at his website! There are pics of everyone of the band, including great close-ups so you better visit today! Looking at these shots, we only can say that the Kaiserslautern audience got an excellent show!

The Dubliners Back In Munich

After skipping Munich the past few years, The Dubliners were back in Bavaria, opening their German tour on 1st November 2007 at the Circus Krone.

Peter Heinz at http://www.dubliners.at has a series of pictures online, including a few hilarious ones with Johnny Walker, a few concert shots, backstage with the lads, the tour bus, you name it he got it, the full program!

So why not visit him right now!

The Dubs In Duisburg 3rd November 2007

What would we do without Peter & Barbara!

They sent in a report from the Duisburg gig a week ago as well as some photographs.

So without further delay, please check out our 2007 gallery as well as our Duisburg report including a fire alarm!

And you can get ready for their next report from Duesseldorf!

Meeting The Fans In The Netherlands

Marianne met the band after their 10th October 2007 gig in Eindhoven. She presented them with a computer animation card made for the 45th anniversary of the Dubs. They were very impressed. So we present you with three pics of Marianne and the boys backstage in our Meeting The Fans gallery!

The Dubliners 2007 Fan Interview

You asked, the lads answered!
As all visitors of our The Official Dubliners Forum know, we collected questions back in August. During their six-day-stint in Vienna, we sat down with the lads and went through your questions and just in time for the German tour start all the answers are available online! Why don't they do the UK more often recently, do they still practice, what songs do they love most and much more - it's not an interview done by some editor, but all these questions came from fans like yourself! Plus, we got a few new pictures for you!
The Dubliners 2007 Fan Interview

Dan Cullen Reports From Holland

Dan The Man (pictured with Patsy) drops us a few lines about the Dutch tour. And some pictures as well, so you find more (including great shots of Sean and John) in our 2007 gallery!

Well we survived the Dutch tour! The concerts were very good, Sean sang the Rose of Allendale, and Liverpool Lou, and also the Call And The Answer, but other than that, it was the same as always. We had a lot of travelling, but it was very enjoyable, and of course we had a good few pints. The pic of John is from the hotel bar on the last night, he's singing a Hank Williams song!!

Italy Visits Graz - September 2007

Maurizio Colletti from Renazzo came to visit the Dubliners gig in Graz on 22 September 2007. He's playing in an Italian-Irish Folk Band called Les IrlandIIs. They got their pics afterwards of which we gladly add two to our Meeting The Fans gallery!

Multi-Platinum For Live At Vicar Street

Mandy Byrnes has extremly gratifying news from Dublin:

The Dubliners were presented with a Multi Platinum Award Saturday night (2oth Oct 2007) in the Four Seasons for sales of Live at Vicar Street.
Shay Hennessey of Celtic Airs Music presented the award to John Sheahan.
The Kelly Family were also presented with 2 Multi Platinum for the sales of The Best OF Luke Kelly and The Performer.
Also present were two former members of the Dubliners, Jim McCann and Ronnie Drew.
Ronnie received a beautiful Waterford cut glass award for his music career, and his dedication to the music business and his long standing relationship with The Dubliners.
It was a lovely reception, and everyone enjoyed the night, great to see the lads getting the recognition they so deserve, A hugh congratulations to Shay and Fiachra for all their hard work and effort. Well done to everyone!

We have two pics from the event below for you, one John receiving the award, the other Ronnie, Jim, Patsy and Eamonn.

Dutch Photo Albums

We would like to point you to two fine picture albums onlinF: B-Seen Fotografie has 14 pictures of the Go Planet gig in Enschede (16th October) and Canon photo contest winner Willem Klopper has dozens of terrific shots of 12th October at the Waerdse Tempel in Heerhugowaard at his website http://www.willemklopper.nl/ (one of these is displayed below). You can even order prints of your favourite shots there.

Vienna 18 September Gallery Update

Here we are with shots from the second to the last Vienna night - among other things John playing and singing passionately, a nice closeup of Eamonn, and the hilarious shot below: Barney and Patsy dancing hand in hand, evoking a wave of enthusiasm from the audience. See all pictures in our gallery!

Vienna 17 September Gallery Update

Yes, we finally move on to supply you with Sept. 17 pictures as it is our intention to offer photographs of every night from Vienna 2007!

Our news shot displays Seán spellbound by John playing a solo, but that's not all:

Visit our gallery for four more photographs:

A "long distance" shot of Barney during one of his songs being photographed by Wolfgang Gonaus;

Patsy playing with the audience;

the rocking instrumental break of All For Me Grog.

Finally, a picture of the end of the night which dispays the full band performing Molly Malone.

That out of the way, we got two more Vienna days to go so come back soon!

Jameson Party

Such a night! Once more we report about Sunday, 16th September 2007, and from our previous news you can imagine by now that it was marvelous from start to end. The end, of course, spelled P-a-r-t-y, and Catriona Ryan from Ireland made sure that it was celebrated in style and true to Irish tradition. A whole lot of Irish friends (including the current Kilkenny Rose 2007) accompanied her that night and showed (see photo in gallery) the Austrians how to celebrate the craic (well, and these ain't no weenies either when it comes to having a good time). Catriona, Jameson Irish Whiskey Ambassador (Pernod Ricard Austria), set up a fabulous Whiskey bar (see last 16th Sept. pic), was buzzing around the room and did a convincing job of establishing good old Jameson as the mother of all drinks. So, before you visit our 2007 gallery, hopefully with a drop of the hard stuff in your hands, let us introduce five of the stars backstage that night: Patsy, John, Mr. Jameson, Catriona and Sean. Slainte!

More 16th September Vienna Shots

We round up our 16th September live gallery with four more exceptionally fine shots: There is the famous mandolin duet for three below, plus can you visit the gallery for individual pics of Barney, Sean and Patsy singing and entertaining - enjoy!

Vienna, 15 Sept 2007: Meeting The Fans

Saturday night, as you can read in these news and see in our galleries, was a very busy night for the lads and the fans! Barbara and Peter from Euskirchen in Germany visited the Metropol, enjoyed the night (like hundreds of others), took a handful of pics and even wrote a few lines for us - head over to our 15 Sept 2009 review for a bit of info about their visit and how they were thrilled to bits!

Vienna, 16 Sept 2007: Meeting The Fans

Kathrin & Manfred Haderer attended the Sunday night gig (like they do every year) and were happy to finally meet the lads backstage. We have them added to our Meeting the fans gallery as well as we have added two brilliant photographs of the lads on stage that night to our regular 2007 gallery, including this touching shot of Patsy and Eamonn.

Vienna, 15 Sept 2007: Backstage

That Saturday night, Thomas Schreiber and his Hank Williams Tribute (including many great musicians like Gottfried Gfrerer and Andreas Julius Fasching), played the other venue, the Metropoldi. So our lads walked over, followed parts of the soundcheck and really liked what they heard! Consequently, the Hank folks visited the Dubs backstage after their gig, leading to a mighty jam with John and Sean - our gallery has a few pictures to prove that!

Vienna, 15 Sept 2007: On Stage

For the second night, we divide our reports in two parts - on stage and off stage. For the on stage part we picked four shots of which you can see a beautiful pic of John smiling at the audience below. Then we have an action shot of Patsy, a photograph of that certain mandolin duet for three and an interesting shot taken from behind the band, looking into the audience, where you can get a good guess as to how little of the audience the lads can actually see. Visit our 2007 gallery!

First Night In Vienna (2)

What picture sums the first night better up: Patsy Watchorn opening his arms to say, 'Welcome to the Metropol, welcome to Vienna, welcome to the autumn tours!' And the band was, mildly put, well received, delivering their songs and tunes to tremendous applaus. With this news update, we round up our 2007 gallery update of 14th September: Don't miss out Eamonns' touching gesture to applaud the audience at the end of the night, Sean singing Molly Malone and John talking to the fans!

Dubs Meet-And-Greet In Vienna Video

When the Dubs were greeted by media and fans (see our 14th September news), they not only went on to visit Hans Theessink who was playing the Jazzland tonight and consequently John and Eamonn took the stage and jammed with Hans, but also Austrian TV ORF was present with a camera. A 2-minute clip was in the late night news and this clip is available right here. Please note that this is our biggest download ever and the file is over 16MB - so we regret that fans with low-speed connections have to be patient while downloading. Please download here!

First Night In Vienna (1)

OK - in order to avoid the much-feared disease TDWS (The Dubliners Withdrawal Symptoms) I'm going to feed you with three shots from the first set of the premiere night the lads played in Vienna. Here's a nice one of Barney and please hop over to our 2007 gallery to check out how John, Sean, Eamonn and Patsy are doing!

Six Hot Nights At The Metropol

The Dubs are back at the Metropol in Vienna for six consecutive nights from Friday till Wednesday. Due to the late hour, your webmaster saves live photographs for another news update but instead, we supply you with a back-stage all-star group shot that you won't see every day: From left to right there's John, Barney, Sean, Hans Theessink, Vera Russwurm, Patsy, Eamonn and Peter Hofbauer.

Dubs Meet-And-Greet In Vienna

The lads are back on the road again! Yesterday they arrived in Vienna and a big Meet & Greet with press and TV took place at the famous Paulusstube (which is located in the heart of the city, just a hop from the Vienna Opera). The band was interviewed, they played and sang for about 25 minutes right on the spot, Austrian TV ORF was present and the place in general was buzzing with media folks and old friends like Metropol boss Peter Hofbauer. Our pictures display Milica (of Milica Agency) with Eamonn, Hans Theessink with Eamonn and John and the big one has the full band plus surprise guest Chris Lohner and behind her, the host of the evening.

Working Class Hero at TV3

There is a brand-new Luke Kelly album out, titled Working Class Hero.

John Sheahan and Patsy Watchorn were invited to TV3s' morning show to talk about the album and Luke on 3rd September.
Both had much to say, both going back to 1964 in their history with Luke.

They added a few lines of Dublin In The Rare Auld Times and were on the air for almost 15 minutes.

Sommerfest Strauben, June 9th 2007

Time to catch up on the summer festival gig in Norway on June 9th 2007! Per Jappee sent in wonderful pictures as well as sharing a few memories:

The gig in Bergen, Norway, took place in a big circus tent. They had earlier on visited the fantastic old fashioned sailing ship Christian Radich. So the captain of the ship - Mark, was invited up on stage, and shared lead vocals with Barney on "South Australia". The boys hung around backstage, and watched a group of young Irish dancers do a great, Riverdance influenced performances. After that followed a Norwegian country-rock group called "Hellbillies" who got themselves two new fans in Eamonn and Patsy. Then we went back to the hotel and found the bar. We there found a big group of locals who had been out celebrating a 50 anniv. since they graduated from trade school. So one of those gentlemen plus Barney and Sean did the entertaining - we even had the rare pleasure of hearing Barney playing a bit of piano.

Visit our photo gallery for more pictures from Bergen!

Friday the 13th: Turnhoutse Vrijdagen

The lads were invited back to Turnhout and Ria was there to report (and enjoy). It was a great night (and we mean that literally as showtime was 22:15) - we got pics, we got a review, so if you wanna find out about the photographs below (The Dubliners with Turnhout mayor Marcel Hendrickx © Turnhoutse Vrijdagen), click here to read the full report!

When Barney said: “When you feel like dancing, don’t”, we were even more temped to dance, but hardly could because the place was crowded with people. Fortunately there was Patsy showing us from time to time, some fine Irish dancing on the tunes of the irresistible reels played by Barney, John and Eamonn.

Clonmel Junction Festival, 8th July 2007

To say the least, the launch of the Clonmel Junction Festival was highly memorable day, night and morning - in the order named. With a hoot and a holler, the boys defied the weather and entertained the festival crowd. This day has seen it all: Almost a cancellation, then a rousing gig, a Dubliners world premiere song, a party to end all parties, well, you better hop over to the longest review we've ever written, with tons of pictures - click here for the Clonmel 2007 review! To get you going, here's a quote and a shot of Patsy and Eamonn rocking Devane's Riverside Stage!

Vicar Street the night before had been a late night. The kettle was boiling, John said to the Dublin audience, but there was no sign of tea and biscuits backstage; it was a drop of the hard stuff, and heaps of family, old friends and friends to be made, to stress an old Irish stereotype.

IMM Vicar Street Review

Nicky Rossiter has reviewed Live At Vicar Street for the Irish Music Magazine already in January 2007. We have overlooked that back then, but do not want to miss you that review as possibly you still don't own the Dubliners' latest release. And this review might give you the final push to get it! Nicky Rossiter is giving the release the global approach and also recalls meeting Luke and othe past times.

A roar went up when they came on stage. It never let up after that.

Back At Vicar Street 7/7/7

A longish lean period has come to an end, the fall tours are looming with a handful of selected summer gigs of which we gladly tell you about.
On 7th July, the Dubs were back at Vicar Street; so was, it seemed, half of the world. Ria Voet from Belgium sent in a lovely report you shouldn't miss and which we enriched with a series of photographs. Highly impressed by the evening, she is unsurprisingly happy in her review:

We were sitting so closely to the stage that is was possible to make eye-contact with the Dubliners. It felt like participating in a gig for family and friends

Click here to read the full review: 7 July 2007 - Vicar Street.

Dubs Spelling Game

In order to kep you busy during the summer and while the lads are doing merely a handful of gigs before the huge fall tours begin, we have started the Dubliners Spelling Game, to be played by all members of our Dubliners forum. Hop over and try it, it's easy, it's fun, it's the Dubs Spelling Game!

Summer 2006 Flashback: Kersouwe

Theo van de Laar sent in two pictures of The Dubliners in Heeswijk-Dinther, Netherlands, last summer, which we added to the 2006 gallery.

The open air venue Kersouwe provided a most beautiful background for an enjoyable evening.

Fresh up your memory about that gig by visiting the news we had back then, on 18 July, 25 July and 27 July.

Stork Ejlaender Shanty Choir Fanoe

Hasse Ekström, webmaster of The Stork Ejlaender Shanty Choir Fanoe from Denmark, informs us of their new website which contains some recent pictures of the Dubliners (check out the Pictures link and their News) and even a MP3 audio clip.

Viborg Review Translation

We reported about the Viborg Folkeblad in our May 3 news, but thanks to M.Fischer from Aalborg, we have a translation of it now and it goes as follows:

Dubliners when they are the best. By HENNING JUST. The legendary The Dubliners, who in 5 years time can celebrate their 50 years anniversary, gave the audience a great concert experience.
30th April 2007
Viborg: Standing applause more times during the nearly 2½ hours long concert and 2 times extra songs before the audience let the legendary The Dubliners (the grand parents of Folk Music) leave the nearly full Tinghallen.
Although both the beard and the hair of the 5 old gentlemen is gray or white and a couple of the band members are nearly 70 years old the Concert showed that they are not over the top - although they have been 45 years on the road. On the contrary you could see both new aspects and returning to the roots from the members who have had a revival with Patsy Watchorn as a new member.
The same Watchorn took over from Paddy Reilly as lead singer last year - and he does it well. Not only is he a better singer than Reilly - his voice also complements the voice of the other lead singer Sean Cannon. And on his Banjo he complements The Old Man of the Band, Barney McKenna, who as the only member of the band has been a member since they gave their first concert in 1962 at the Pub O'Donoghues in Dublin."

May 1907 - May 2007: John Wayne

A few days ago, May 26, we celebrated John Wayne's 100th birthday. Pictured here with Maureen O'Hara from the eternal favorite The Quiet Man, it is a duty of honour to mention The Duke: Patsy is a huge fan of John - probably the biggest in Ireland! So a tip o'the hat to The Duke and we leave you with a few lines of dialog between John and Maureen O'Hara from The Quiet Man:

Thornton: If anybody had told me six months ago that today I'd be in a graveyard in Innisfree with a girl like you that I'm just about to kiss, I'd have told 'em...
Mary Kate Danaher: Oh, but the kisses are a long way off yet!
Thornton: Huh?
Mary Kate Danaher: Well, we just started a-courtin', and next month, we, we start the walkin' out, and the month after that there'll be the threshin' parties, and the month after that...
Thornton: Nope.
Mary Kate Danaher: Well, maybe we won't have to wait that month...
Thornton: Yup.
Mary Kate Danaher: ...or for the threshin' parties...
Thornton: Nope.
Mary Kate Danaher: ...or for the walkin' out together...
Thornton: No.
Mary Kate Danaher: ...and so much the worse for you, Sean Thornton, for I feel the same way about it myself!
[They kiss. Thunder rolls]

Dermot O'Brien Passed Away

Dermot O'Brien, one of the most gifted Irish musicians and songwriter we ever were fortunate to see, passed away yesterday morning after a long illness.

Singer, accordionist, songwriter, arranger, producer, he was multitalented and penned one of the most beautiful ballads ever, Dublin 62, which Patsy recorded in 2003, but it had been a favorite with his audience for many years already.

Dermot O'Brien will be sorely missed.

Ten Vrede 2007 Again: Full Report

Ria Voet from Belgium sent in a great report about the recent Ten Vrede gig of the lads. The band was headlining the festival and - as expected - they pulled all the stops. Ria's reports and her photographs make up for a very entertaining perusal which you can read in full at our Gig Review: 12 May 2007 - Diksmuide, Belgium.

10,000 Man For PeacF: Dubs At Ten Vrede 2007

The Belgian Nieuwsbald has several short articles about last Saturday's gig at Ten Vrede online. Titled "10,000 Man For Peace", Mark of Maes wrotF:

Almost everyone who was Saturday on the festival in Diksmuide, came for the Dubliners. People of middle age but - remarkably - also very many young people. The second festival day lured eventually about 10,000 people.

In another news item, Sam from Diksmuide and the girls he brought with him are quoted saying, "We came especially for the Dubliners. Fantastic!". Something similar strike Raymond (60) and Francine (59) from Ieperse, who commented "Fantastic group, enormous! Especially for them we have come."

Be sure to read all the Nieuwsblad articles at all the Nieuwsbald articles. The photograph is © Tijdingen, Oostende and taken from the Ten Vrede website; more pics are expected there soon so visit them again in a few days! You may also discuss the Ten Vrede gig at our forum!

Dubs At TV3 - Ireland AM

Exactly a month ago, on 10th April 2007, the Dubliners appeared on TV3's highly popular morning TV program Ireland AM. Clips from the Vicar Street DVD were shown, they chatted with Mark Cagney and Sinead Desmond. Everybody had a good time and quite a few laughs - and the icing of the cake was a verse and a chorus of The Ferryman live in the TV3 studio. In addition, to the picture below, we have five more shots in our 2007 gallery.

Viborg Review, 28 April

The Viborg Folkeblad has a nice review (in Danish) about the 28 April gig at the Tinghallen in Viborg online.
Under the title 'Dubliners i storform', they report about standing ovations and have nice words about everyone of the lads.

Vicar Street On 7/7/7

What a day to do a gig! On 7th July 2007 the Dubs will return to Vicar Street for one night only. We got this in our gig list for a while but realized some of you still overlooked it. Order your ticket soon to avoid disappointment. The previous gig there was completely sold out and the house was absolutely packed - scroll down to our January 29 news for a review.

We look back at Vicar Street in December with this shot of Barney and Johnny Cullinane; Johnny is a friend of the lads for about 45 years and they hope to see him again soon - at Vicar Street, that is.

Norkoepping Blog

Lowe Aspviken put a very favourable report about the 19 March gig in his Tranås-Folket blog. Be sure to hop over to his blog for the full report (in Swedish). He was very impressed as these quotes from the blog prove:

Yesterday I was at De Geerhallen in Norrköping and saw and heard the Dubliners, Irish folk music`s Grand old men. [...] I started to listen to The Dubliners` music when I was about 13-14 years old, and I can honestly say they were the reason that I started to get interested in music for real [...] After the concert was finished I had the courage to step behind the scene for to meet my idols. [...] My friend Henrik and I got the chance to tag along with Patsy Watchorn up to meet Barney, John and the others. [...] From Barney McKenna I got this good advice for my own bano playing: “I`ll tell you the great secret. Don`t hold the plectrum too tight. Think of a little bird – if you hold it too tight, you`ll kill it”. So now I have met my heroes, alive and in Norrköping of all places. Tjohoo!

Picture & text © 2007 Lowe Aspviken

Dubliners On Irish TV

The Dubliners (not the full band, but John, Eamonn and Patsy) will be on TV3s' Good Morning Ireland programme on 10 April 2006, 08:15 AM.

Ireland's first television breakfast show is firmly established as a favourite with families throughout the country, so the reach of this programme will be huge. Most recent appearance of any of the lads at TV3 so far was Patsy in January 2006.

Dutch Picture Archive

We came across a photo album of 72 Dubliners photographs by "pleuni101" from Holland.

These photographs are from 2005 to 2002 and include all the lads and there is a strong emphasis on Barney.

We'd like to share 'em with you:

You can find those at Webshots entertainment.

The Dubs Back On Tour 2007 - 17 March

The lads are on the road again! As you know, they started out on 17th March 2007 in Helsingborg, Sweden. The first gig of the year was special as Patsys' daughter Lorraine was in the audience. But not only she was there, also our own Per Jappée from Norway rushed over to enjoy the craic, write a report and take a handful of great shots!

Our photograph displays Barney Flatley & son... or wait a minute... isn't this Riverdance? Barney and Patsy danced a few inspiring steps during "The Irish Washerwoman".

Please follow this link for the full review!

Award For Patsy

Patsy receiced an award last week and Mandy Byrnes delivered a good report of which you should not miss one single word. so here it is in full:

Patsy collected his award Monday night, 26th February, at the Irish Country/Folk Music Awards held in Satanta House Hotel for Best performance in the folk/ballad music scene 2006.
The award was presented to him by his good friend Shay Eustace who also collected an award for his contribution to Folk Music over the last 45 years, presented to him by John O'Neill of Ceol Music. Shay Hennessy also collected an award for his contribution to the Music Business and in particular to young recording artists and recognising new talent. Patsy performed with the resident band for the night, Matt Levy and Stagecoach featuring long time aquaintance Charlie Atkins on Fiddle - Patsy went country for 15mins, The Ferryman sounded great with drums as did The Rare Auld Times, he was joined on stage by Shay Eustace on guitar, unfortunately the backing singers were a bit shy this year (Margaret and Mandy).
The awards this year was to help raise funds for the wonderful Barrettstown Camp for seriously sick children, they do tremendous work all year and every penny raised is a penny well spent, Congratulation to all the winners on the night toooo numerous to mention and a special thank you to Carmel who organised the entire event. Seriously! Peter it was a good night!

Dubs On Tour In Germany 2007

Finally, what has been floating around the net is official and confirmed now: The German tour 2007, the biggest in years, split in two wings at the end of the year. See our Patsy Live page for the details!

Luke Kelly Discussions

Around the time of his anniversary, there are always long discussion threads online about Luke. One such topic is found at Mudcat. If you're done reading there, you may hop over to our own Dubs forum and start a discussion there yourself!

Dubliners In The Netherlands 2007

The Dutch tour 2007 is near to being complete.

The lads will tour the Netherlands from 6th to 12th October, including one gig in Belgium.

Please note that there seems to be a mixup over the 8th October gig; it is listed online to take place at Haarlem, Utrecht or Rotterdam - depending which site you visit. We list it as Haarlem as this is where the promoter (Diba) lists it as well.

Please consult our Live page for details with all the dates and the usual service of placing links to the venues.

Not surprisingly, it'll take a while until the venues or ticket offices will start to offer tickets.

Milica's Boys: The Dubliners In Austria 2007

The Austrian tour 2007 is near to being complete.

There will be ten gigs. Please note that this year, the tour is not starting the first weekend of September, but runs from 14 September to 23 September.

One of the dates still is to be announced.

Please consult our Live page for details with all the dates and the usual service of placing links to the venues.

Not surprisingly, it'll take a while until the venues or ticket offices will start to offer tickets.

The Dublin Experience

See five living folks legends in action.
See Barney and his birthday cake.
See John & Eamonn getting down on a fiery tune.
See the full line-up with Sean center-stage.
See Patsy Watchorn, rock star.
Read about the 17 December 2006 gig at Vicar Street in Dublin, the very last concert of 2006.
In short, while the lads are taking it easy, get your Dubs fix here!

The reason was the release party of the new DVD/2CD Live At Vicar Street, celebrated by the band with due delay; that laid-back attitude, my friends, is to be applauded in a world where a new CD is old two days after its release, and it's an attitude only the Irish seem to have nowadays

Follow the link here.

Dubliners Sweden Tour 2007

The first gig and tour info for the new year is trickling in here, and what's more important for your travel planning, confirmation is here as well.

The Swedish Tour 2007 is confirmed as of today which means it is safe to plan your own itinerary now.
With its four gigs, it's short but exclusively Sweden, so the lads are changing their routine of rolling Scandinavia into one big tour.

Please consult our Live page for details with all the dates and the usual service of placing links to the venues and for ticket purchase.


Answering a question we received, we thought this little bit of trivia may be of interest to more of you who have seen the lads live recently.

You may have noticed that Patsy can be heard saying "Arís" now and then before repeating the chorus of a song for the last time. The word is Gaelic and it is pronounced "areesh". It means exactly what the band does at these occasions: "Once more", to repeat the chorus once more.

Photograph taken 5 September 2006, Vienna, Austria

Stade, 30th November 2006: Abendblatt Reports

Gerhard Braas points us out to a short review of the Stade gig, found in online edition of The "Hamburger Abendblatt". The Abendblatt mentions that the venue, the Stadeum, is not suitable for that kind of concerts as it is missing the atmosphere needed - the full review can be found by clicking here.

Dubliners Denmark Tour 2007

The first gig and tour info for the new year is trickling in here, and what's more important for your travel planning, confirmation is here as well.

The Danish Tour 2007 is confirmed as of today which means it is safe to plan your own itinerary now.

It consists of 11 gigs with one day off, going to places which were on the list last year as well like Odense or Aarhus and others which have not been on in 2006 like the tour opener in Viften.

Please consult our Live page for details with all the dates and the usual service of placing links to the venues and for ticket purchase.

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